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  • jake williamson 162 posts 685 karma points
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 02:11
    jake williamson

    v8 examine search by 'parentID' doesn't return any results?!

    hey out there,

    this is a weird one, not sure if it's me or a bug...

    in v7 i used to filter by parent id using +parentID:1172 as a lucene search:

    enter image description here

    however the same query isn't working in v8! i've defo got items in the index e.g.

    enter image description here

    but when i run the search, no items come back...

    enter image description here

    although v8 is missing the toggle between a text search and a lucene search the search seems to accept lucene based searches as something like +__NodeTypeAlias:blogpost +postDateYearAndMonth:2019-sep works:

    enter image description here

    am i missing something obvious here?!?!

  • jake williamson 162 posts 685 karma points
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 05:42
    jake williamson

    ok, so this is interesting. i did some debugging of the search code i'd written and looked at the examine query and it's looks a little weird...

    this is the code:

    var parentId = 2287;
    var query = searcher.CreateQuery("content")
        .Field("__NodeTypeAlias", "BlogPost")
    query.Field("parentID", parentId).And();
    var results = query.All().Execute();
    totalRecords = results.TotalItemCount;

    which generates a lucene query of:

    +__NodeTypeAlias:blogpost +(parentID:[2287 TO 2287])

    and i get results back!

    however, if i take that lucene query and paste it into luke to test the query i get nothing back...

    if i change the query to:

    +__NodeTypeAlias:blogpost parentID:[2287 TO 2287]

    then i get results!

    seriously confused...

  • jake williamson 162 posts 685 karma points
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 05:46
    jake williamson

    the knock on of all this is that at some point i want to be able to do a GroupedOr query e.g.

    get me all the blog posts that have the parentId 1234 or 5678 or 9101

    but GroupedOr only allows strings to be passed to it...

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