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  • Stephen 'KINK' Wilde 23 posts 94 karma points
    Dec 17, 2015 @ 15:24
    Stephen 'KINK' Wilde

    UAAS 'restore content' every time the solution/project is run

    Hello People,

    So every time I run my solution/project, I get asked to 'restore content'. This message appears every time I run the project. Even after selecting one of the 2 options 'restore' or 'skip downloading', it will still pop up when the solution is run again.

    Is this normal?

    The reason I ask is because when I clicked 'restore' for the second time it ended up duplicating document types, templates etc... I had created a template, and changed it's alias to have 'Template' on the end (textpageTemplate as an example). Would this now create a copy of the original template? Meaning that when I do the restore it's pulling in the original and this copy with an updated alias...

    Update: Even if I click skip downloading it still downloads and restores content, resulting in duplicate templates, document types etc...

    Please shed some light on this for me.

    Update No.2 - I believe this is because of .courier files. When I create a template in the back-end, I'm guessing it creates a courier file to document changes against, but when I change the alias to add 'template' on the end of the alias, it seems to create a new .courier file instead of updating the current one.

    When I look in sourcetree, I see that I have "Header.courier" and "headerTemplate.courier" to commit. So this is why I believe it's to do with the .courier files...

    So is this a bug or what?

  • Stephen 'KINK' Wilde 23 posts 94 karma points
    Dec 18, 2015 @ 11:09
    Stephen 'KINK' Wilde

    Ok so I have an update:

    Changing the alias of a template or documenttype changes the ID for the courier file... Shouldn't the name define the ID?

    So this means when I change the alias, it creates a new courier file - so im guessing when i restore site content it downloads the old and new duplicate upadated file...

    It's no trouble creating the template with the alias I want and then change it's name afterwards, but it's something else for me to remember. If the name was to define the courier files ID, then I could create the file, do whatever, then realise my alias is incorrect and update it. If the alias defines the ID, and I am to not remember to name my file with the alias name I want, then it means that when I want to commit I have to look for the duplicated file to remove it. Either way you can see it's down to me to remember, but I feel as if the first option with the file name defining the courier ID would suit the majority of the people developing umbraco as a service.

    With regards to seeing the 'restore content' page on every run - I know realise this is because I have no homepage set-up, my mistake.

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