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  • Mark Bowser 268 posts 855 karma points c-trib
    Sep 26, 2017 @ 20:41
    Mark Bowser

    RadioButtonList values prefixed with null on deploy

    I'm using:

    • Umbraco 7.4.3
    • LeBlender
    • Courier 3.1.4
    • Umbraco.Courier.Contrib 1.0.39

    I have a document type using the grid. There is a LeBlender grid editor I created with a RadioButtonList on it. When I deploy pages using that grid and that RadioButtonList grid editor, courier fails to correctly deploy. The problem is in the packaging. If I inspect the actual revisions JSON, this is a snippet of the grid JSON that has my RadioButtonList:

    "alignText":{"value":"nullLeft","dataTypeGuid":"f18471be-499a-44e8-a1d8-f075d8e1b736","editorAlias":"alignText","editorName":"Align Text"}

    Notice that the value is nullLeft. I decompiled the Umbraco.Courier.DataResolvers.dll and looked at the Umbraco.Courier.DataResolvers.ItemDataResolvers.KeyValuePrevalueEditor DataResolver class that handles packaging and extracting for the RadioButtonList and noticed that for whatever reason, Courier explicitly adds the ¤ symbol to the beginning of the value when packaging this data type.

    contentProperty.Value = (object) str2.TrimEnd(';').EnsureStartsWith('¤');

    If that symbol is not found at the beginning of the value when extracting, Courier will skip any special extraction logic and just leave the value plain text.

    if (str1.StartsWith("¤"))

    The problem appears to be that Courier takes that special ¤ character and writes it out as the string, "null", when it actually packages my revision. In my case, when my revision JSON should have had ¤Left, it had nullLeft. I did a bunch of debugging of the Umbraco.Courier.Contrib DataResolvers that I am using to handle the packaging and extraction of LeBlender. The problem doesn't seem to happen in there. I stepped through the packaging process, and by the time I exited the PackagingCell method, the special ¤ character was still there. I'm pretty sure that this is a problem with Courier itself.

    Has anyone else run into this problem? Am I doing something wrong? Thanks

  • Paul Sterling 716 posts 1512 karma points MVP 7x admin c-trib
    Sep 27, 2017 @ 14:56
    Paul Sterling

    Mark -

    Mostly adding this for others who run into this issue with Courier 3.1.4. It looks like a regression bug introduced in 3.1.4 and with a fix targeted for 3.1.5.

    The related issue on the tracker is:

    Note that this issue appears to be related to any key-value pair data type when used in a Grid (Grid, LeBlender, etc...).


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