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  • Mike 80 posts 101 karma points
    Oct 08, 2013 @ 17:00

    "AJAX" dropdown with SQL datasource and other pre-sales questions...


    i am checking out the trial version of contour to see if we can use this, or if we should create our own solution. We maybe want to use contour because of the quick way of creating forms, especially the connected datasource forms. Couple of questions though.

    1. Can i change the way the form looks/positions the fields when creating a form using a sql datasource.

    2. I have a field containing a lot of values (300+). I would like a field in which a user can input a couple of characters and the field shows values starting with these characters. Auto suggest like in Google. Is this possible? 

    3. We have multiple databases. Can one form have fields that gets data from multiple sources? For example one field "customers" from a customers database and another field "products" from a products database.



  • Tim Geyssens 6510 posts 15271 karma points MVP 2x c-trib
    Oct 08, 2013 @ 17:33
    Tim Geyssens

    1) Yes you can still modify the markup

    2) Yup you'll need a custom fieldtype for that

    3)Yeah take a look at prevalue sources (don't create a form based on a datasource then but use the prevalue sources to point at the different dbs)

  • Mike 80 posts 101 karma points
    Oct 15, 2013 @ 17:10


    ok have been checking this. so basically i would need to create a custom fieldtype for a prevalue type to mix&match question 2&3 (get customers from a different table and show on typing in textbox? ) 

    i tried creating a prevalue field, was easy indeed!

    So how does these values get inserted in my database table if i'm not using databasesource forms?




  • Mike 80 posts 101 karma points
    Oct 17, 2013 @ 15:53

    Hmm.. so i have been looking at this. I'm just not sure if using Contour has any advantages over creating usercontrols. Documentation on using Contour is not quite extensive at the moment. 

    Here's the situation:

    We have a server which has IIS installed. Umbraco is set up as a website. I want to create several forms for our business. Forms should save data to an SQL server. 

    I can create a website in Visual studio and create a userform which contains my form. I can do with this what i want, and also i can debug this very easily on my own laptop.

    As far as I tested Contour it can create forms very quickly and save the data back to Umbraco/Contour from which it can be exported to CSV etc.

    What I cannot find is if it is possible to create the forms the contour (easy) way but not save the data to an SQL database (or code this myself). If I can override some function I would like to see an example/documentation of how to do this. Preferably how to set up a visual studio environment so I can debug these forms and data.

    a Plus of Contour is the built-in workflow stuff, but can this be used if I would change the target source? 


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