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  • Jamie Attwood 200 posts 490 karma points c-trib
    Oct 08, 2015 @ 17:48
    Jamie Attwood

    Umbraco Forms - Where are the Member Create and Update Workflows??

    Really confused - migrating a 4.7 site to 7.3.0. Purchased a license for Umbraco Forms assuming that it was Contour renamed....(based on my reading since, this does not seem to be the case, yet all the documentation uses contour and forms as synonymous.)

    Went in to Forms and created my old member registration and update forms as I had done on 4.7 but got to the workflow section and hey - no workflows for membership....

    How do I create a member registration form and update it in umb Forms?? In contour there used to be 2 separate workflows for that. Where are they in Umbraco Forms? - put another way, if they are add-ins, where can I get my hands on them?

  • Nicholas Westby 2051 posts 7097 karma points c-trib
    Oct 08, 2015 @ 18:26
    Nicholas Westby

    Are you talking about workflow types? In my version of Contour (not Umbraco Forms), here are the workflow types I see:

    Workflow Types

    Note that two of those workflow types are custom ("Send Email When Field Matches Value" and "Subscribe to Newsletter with Exact Target API").

    Perhaps the member-related workflow types you mentioned are custom workflow types that haven't been implemented for Umbraco Forms because they were never part of the core Contour functionality? If so, you'd have to implement them yourself.

  • Jamie Attwood 200 posts 490 karma points c-trib
    Oct 08, 2015 @ 18:36
    Jamie Attwood

    Thanks Nicholas - yes, that's the issue - it's in Contour not in Forms. I guess what is really confusing is that there is no clear distinction between Forms and Contour. Just assumed that Contour became Forms in V7. Obviously they are not the same, but presented the same way. In fact if you follow the support links for forms, you'll end up on the Contour site (or more likely, a 404 page).



  • Dennis Aaen 4499 posts 18232 karma points admin hq c-trib
    Oct 08, 2015 @ 19:39
    Dennis Aaen

    Hi Jamie,

    You can find the documentation for Umbraco Forms here


  • Jamie Attwood 200 posts 490 karma points c-trib
    Oct 08, 2015 @ 19:53
    Jamie Attwood

    Thanks Dennis and Nicholas - I am starting to see the issue now. A little too much coffee and not enough sleep!!! It appears that the previous install leveraged a package for contour called "Contour Member Tools". ( So in fact they are not default in Contour either - I'll see if I can leverage anything out of there and I'll share the outcome. Regardless, as an add on for forms, this is a must have.

    Thanks for your feedback and time.


  • Niels Hartvig 1951 posts 2391 karma points c-trib
    Oct 12, 2015 @ 07:35
    Niels Hartvig

    I agree that we should have member workflows built in. One of the things we want to focus on is better and more focused overall workflows for doing specific tasks.

    The original purpose of Forms is to make a tool for non-developers to make online forms. Right now the workflows are too generic, thus not as friendly as they should be.

    Another focus is making sure that you don't have to go to the Forms section to create simple forms, but can do them as a part of a content workflow.

    We've secured an exciting hire to take Forms even further and that person starts January 1st, so good times ahead.

  • Heather Floyd 600 posts 996 karma points MVP 5x c-trib
    Mar 06, 2017 @ 17:58
    Heather Floyd

    FYI: For anyone looking for this functionality in Umbraco Forms...

    Tim added a source code port here:

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