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  • Per Ploug 865 posts 3436 karma points MVP admin
    Sep 16, 2011 @ 15:35
    Per Ploug

    Courier 2.5 beta 1 out

    Okey, so this the first beta of Courier 2.5, which represents the first big jump in regards to features and the way Courier 2 works internally.

    This release aims to solve the most common problem with Courier 2, which is: Time-outs, transfers taking too long, files being too big or connection being really slow. So to remedy this, all long-running tasks have been migrated to to run in a multi-threaded task manager.

    Secondly we've received some great feedback from Umbraco MVP Sebastiaan, who gave us some insight on how to improve the initial experience. That is not complete yet, we're still working on the new videos, but kudos to Sebastiaan for the suggestions and ideas

    Finally I've refactored the way transfer, packaging, and extraction happens between the different locations, so all things now use the same system and api, which will make future maintance much lighter for us, as well as making the different providers more powerfull.

    So to recap the changes:


    1. New tasks manager and threaded execution of long-running tasks
    2. Mayor refactor of the way Courier performs tasks between locations
    3. UI tweaks on especcially the Express version 
    4. Added better control over what you transfer, using the right-click dialogs
    5. Support for 4 ucomponents datatypes
    6. Courier Express can now use 3rd party data resolvers with license-issues


    These mayor changes, does however also mean that a few apis has been changed. These are:


    • ExtractionManager.instance -> Core.Extraction.RevisionExtraction
    • PackagingManager.instance -> Core.Packaging.RevisionPackaging
    • Services.Transfer -> Core.Transfer.RevisionTransfer
    These are however only important to those who are writing their own deployment clients, which I doubt is that many, BUT if you do have issues with these changes, please get in touch and I would ofcourse help you out with rewriting your app.
    During next week, I'll update the developer documentation in regard to how you use these new apis
    Get the Later nightly of Courier 2.5 here:
    You can update with the hotfix or install from scratch, there are no database changes
    Also, be sure to check-out: 
    Which contains source code for all the built-in dataresolvers and the console app sample


  • Prashant Aggarwal 17 posts 37 karma points
    Nov 11, 2011 @ 10:33
    Prashant Aggarwal

    Please let us know if there are any documents to see the features of Courier 2.5

  • David Hiblen 1 post 21 karma points
    Jan 17, 2012 @ 15:40
    David Hiblen

    Was there any update on the developer documentation for courier 2.5?  The version 2.0 developer API document does not match the API at the moment...?



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