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  • Nicholas Westby 1959 posts 6618 karma points c-trib
    Jun 03, 2015 @ 01:37
    Nicholas Westby

    Creation of Revisions is Extremely Slow

    I tried to create a revision of just 3 "documents" and no dependencies, and it looks like it's going to take 15-30 minutes (about 5 minutes in, the progress bar is around 1/3 of the way done):


    As far as I understand it, creating a revision is the only way to migrate a number of different content nodes at the same time. If this is how slow it normally goes, I don't think we'll be able to use Courier to migrate our content.

    Is this a bug? Do revisions normally go this slow?

    Keep in mind this is for a local website pointing to a local SQL Server on a computer with an SSD and tons of RAM. If it doesn't work fast here, I would only expect it to work slower in another environment. While I've been writing this, another 5 minutes have passed by and not much progress has been made:

    Later Revisions

    Here is what my revision selection looked like: enter image description here

  • Nicholas Westby 1959 posts 6618 karma points c-trib
    Jun 03, 2015 @ 02:20
    Nicholas Westby

    Here is the result of the revision creation:

    Revision Details

    I am not sure why there are 1,944 documents when I only requested 3 documents and no dependencies. Am I missing something?

  • Nicholas Westby 1959 posts 6618 karma points c-trib
    Jun 03, 2015 @ 02:28
    Nicholas Westby

    Forgot to add info about my environment.

    Umbraco 7.2.5. Courier 2.50.1.

  • Nicholas Westby 1959 posts 6618 karma points c-trib
    Jun 04, 2015 @ 01:01
    Nicholas Westby

    I figured out that this just seems to be the result of an extremely unintuitive UI:

    Courier UI

    If you select the "Home" node while it is collapsed, the selection screen shows that you only have the home node selected. However, what it doesn't tell you is that by not expanding the home node, you are implicitly including all descendants (seems like what's happening anyway). If you expand the "Home" node and click the checkbox next to it, it will select that node and all direct children. If you then deselect each child by clicking their checkboxes (a pain), it seems that it really does just select that one "Home" node.

  • J 21 posts 42 karma points
    Jun 12, 2015 @ 18:29

    Correct. If you have a lot of child content, you need to be careful when creating the revision. It's annoying that there's no way to deselect all children. If they don't have a parent folder that can be left out, you end up clicking each item one at a time.

  • Carl Bussema 38 posts 140 karma points
    Dec 30, 2015 @ 20:53
    Carl Bussema

    I'm seeing this slow performance too, but it's not an issue with selecting too many nodes.

    I know I've selected only 11 nodes total (one parent with 10 children, those children are terminal). I'm running the site on localhost pointed to an Azure SQL DB (S0 tier). It seems to take about 5 minutes per item, which is just ridiculous; and this is only the compare step, it will still have to do the actual updates later, if this finishes before I have to leave work for the day.

    Screenshot showing 11 items

    Revision creation screen

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