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  • Damon 217 posts 287 karma points
    Mar 08, 2016 @ 10:53

    Is this a bug with Courier?


    I have a multiple media picker data type within a macro. This macro is added to a rich text field. Multiple images are added to this macro.

    On publishing though, using Courier, the page publishes and so do the images from the media section, but the ids that the multiple image picker uses stay the same, which means it does not work on the live server. This is because the ids of the images on the live server are not the same.

    The ids are supposed to be resolved to the new ones arnt they. Anyone have any idea why this is not happening?

    I made sure macrosAreDependencies and macroParametersAreDependencies are true. There are two of these, one under templateItemProvider and one under macro. Don't know the difference.

    Using Umbraco 7.2.4 and Courier 2.51.3.

    By the way are any specific permissions required on any folders? Where is the resolving data stored?

    Any help help much appreciated!

  • Dennis Aaen 4468 posts 18026 karma points admin hq c-trib
    Mar 08, 2016 @ 11:51
    Dennis Aaen

    Hi Damon,

    I can see that you are using a older version of Courier, could you please try upgrade to the latest version. To see if the problem is solved in 2.52.3

    To Upgrade Download the hotfix file corresponding to your Umbraco version ( for v7) and make sure to unblock, then XCOPY all files to the corresponding location in your Umbraco instance - overwriting the older files. Note that the sql is not needed if using Umbraco 6 or 7.

    The changes that have been made in the last versions are:

    Changes in 2.52.3: Adds functionality for upgrading (only affects Umbraco as a Service)

    Changes in 2.52.1 and 2.52.2: Fixes oversights in 2.52.0 that affected Umbraco as a Service

    Changes in 2.52.0: This release is compatible with 7.4 (also with all older versions, but specifically supports new 7.4 features) Fixes an ObjectDisposedException

    Changes in 2.51.5: Improved handling of items in the Grid (grid control settings and row/cell settings now get transferred and media items in the Grid are now transferred correctly) Deleting documents, media and document types no longer gives a "Failed to retrieve data" error Fixed transferring prevalues with the multi node tree picker datatype Items that were seemingly deployed but only visible after recycling the app pool now will be shown without having to recycle the app pool

    Changes in 2.51.4: Fixed errors when inserting some document/media/member types, the error was "A duplicate value cannot be inserted into a unique index" Fixed: Settings on Row and Cells in GridLayout were not transferred Fixed problems with transferring updates to content that is created from nested/inherited document types - read the details about this here

    Changes in 2.51.3: Fixed problems with transferring member types and media types Fixed media items not being transferred when they were included in the Grid From now on Courier will verify that both source and target use the same version of Courier Fixed issues where sometimes cells in the Grid didn't transfer items with an id Fixed a problem where hostnames sometimes would make a transfer fail Fixed a problem with the TypeFinder erroring on types in the App_Code folder

    Hope this helps,


  • Damon 217 posts 287 karma points
    Mar 08, 2016 @ 12:03

    Hi Dennis,

    thanks a lot for that, I will try today.

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