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  • Alan Mitchell 54 posts 270 karma points c-trib
    Jan 22, 2020 @ 09:08
    Alan Mitchell

    Dude, where's my upgrade? Serious FOMO from 8.5.2

    I have a cloud project in production, with a dev and live environment.  Live has been running 8.4.1 for the last couple of weeks, we didn't upgrade immediately because we had a new feature in development.  My goal was to deploy both the new feature and the latest version of Umbraco together, skipping out on the bugs in 8.5.0 that have now been fixed.

    Last week I managed to upgrade development to 8.5.1 - only by first stashing commits so that the master branch of development had nothing to deploy to live - which is annoying but I can live with it.  On Monday morning I was going to deploy the new feature and 8.5.1, when I saw that an autoupgrade was planned on Tuesday for 8.5.2.

    The release notes for 8.5.2. have no detail as to what has been fixed, but thought I'd wait for this autoupgrade before going live, save some pain.

    However this morning, still no upgrade to 8.5.2.

    There is a notification saying that "The project could not be upgraded while upgrading Umbraco CMS" but there is no detail as to what happened.  I assumed it's because there were undeployed changes, waiting to move from dev to live.  But it seems a bit silly to require the site to be deployed with a old / buggy version in order to receive the new one?

    Anyway, I pressed deploy this morning.  Both Development and Live are now running Umbraco 8.5.1 and there are no pending changes. But how can I get the auto-upgrade? It's a minor version so there is no upgrade button in the UI, and no happy little commit labelled in source control.

    And what bug have I introduced with 8.5.1 that has now been fixed in 8.5.2?

    Dealing with upgrades and auto-upgrades has cost me a lot of time in the past two weeks, which is a shame because Umbraco Cloud was supposed to save us this headache, not make another.

  • Nik 1478 posts 6494 karma points MVP 4x c-trib
    Jan 22, 2020 @ 09:14

    Hi Alan,

    Your best bet is to reach out to cloud support with this. I "think" they can re-trigger the auto upgrade for your site but I'm not 100%.

    As for what is in the 8.5.2 fix, it is a fix that corrects a regression issue if your site is using the full Models Builder (which your's will be if it wasn't created on 8.5 or newer) and impacts the DLL mode's.


  • Alan Mitchell 54 posts 270 karma points c-trib
    Jan 22, 2020 @ 09:21
    Alan Mitchell

    Thanks for replying Nik,

    I just checked and the release notes have been updated to include the details of the issue. And yes, we're using the full models builder in DLL mode so we want a bit of that.

    I'll ask support for another attempt at an upgrade.

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