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  • Splinx 49 posts 184 karma points
    Feb 13, 2020 @ 15:22

    Copying site for 1:1 localisation - relative links?

    Hi community,

    I really need your help with this awesome CMS.

    We're just about to embark on our first localisation of a very large site.

    Our plan was to copy the entire US-English site and then have the Chinese localiser overtype the text (which is all fine).

    The issue we've run into is that all of the links are still linking back to the US English version. We want them to all be relative to the site we've just copied (as we know it's 1:1).

    Could anyone out there please help me with your experience and what you do in this scenario?

    1. Do you manually review all links (using external SEO tools)?
    2. Is there a tool facility?
    3. Do you manually code something yourself using the iContent service?
    4. Something else I've not contemplated?

    Thanks in advance, Splinx.

  • Kevin Jump 1994 posts 12576 karma points MVP 5x c-trib
    Feb 13, 2020 @ 15:44
    Kevin Jump

    Hi Splinx,

    Translation Manager has code in it to update the relative links.

    It does this as part of the Translation process when content is put back into Umbraco (if you don't need the translation element is also has a passthrough provider that just moves the content between nodes, but then the links will get updated).

    Rolling your own

    You need to update the content using both the content service and the relations service,

    Translation manager looks at all linked content (in content pickers, URL pickers, or embedded inside an RTE, or the Grid, or nested content with an RTE in, etc.... quite a lot of places to check).

    When it finds a link; it then looks for that id in the relation service, and if it finds a relation from the parent site into the target language site it will update the link inside the content to point to the related item.

    For this to work you also need to know which localized site you are in (fine if you have one, if you have more then you will find multiple relations and you will need to know which one is the right one to pick).

    So in summary, it is possible but it's not super simple. unless you use Translation Manager :) bonus if you do only have two languages (English and Chinese) its free!!

  • Splinx 49 posts 184 karma points
    Feb 14, 2020 @ 11:37

    Hi Kevin,

    I think we might actually purchase this but, before I do, can I ask a few questions...

    1. Is this solid (and supported) on Umbraco version 7.12.3

    2. Does the relative link checking (the main reason for purchase) take into consideration nested content items on custom property editors (Umbraco.NestedContent). I am using the excellent Umbraco uSkinned package and their banner system (and more) uses custom properties in such a fashion.

    3. Are there any gotchas that you think I should be aware of. Sorry for such a broad question but testing this and getting this in place is quite a big task and I'd rather ask upfront ;) (we will honestly gladly purchase if it does everything).

    Thanks, Splinx

    (I'm in the UK if you would like a call).

  • Kevin Jump 1994 posts 12576 karma points MVP 5x c-trib
    Feb 14, 2020 @ 12:18
    Kevin Jump

    Hi Splinx,

    1. Yes its supported and solid on Umbraco 7.12.3 (and all versions up)

    2. The link checking supports all know properties, so grid, nested content, stacked content, doctype grid editor, vorto, etc and all the configurations thereof (e.g a nested-content property in a vorto element in the grid works)

    if you have completely custom editors (e.g things using your own build property editors - they can be configured or in some cases you can write your own mappers.

    We have docs for this. for example

    1. Don't think there are any real gotchas, but install it and try it first ! everything work with two languages (one master one target) with no-licence so you can see if it works for you, and if you need the other languages, then buy the licence.
  • Splinx 49 posts 184 karma points
    Feb 22, 2020 @ 10:37

    Hi Everyone,

    I would just like to say that Umbraco + Translation Manger (by Jumoo) is a formidable application for large and complex localised sites.

    Kevin (on this thread) is tremendously helpful and applies his expertise and knowledge quickly to answer any technical questions - Kudos to him.

    With Kevin's help; we've successfully put localisation and workflow in place for a 500+ page website on an extremely complex Umbraco site which would otherwise have been an absolute nightmare to manage.

    The passthrough link plugin for Translation Manger is worth it alone quite honestly, even if you are not localising a site. Being able to update all links on your site on copy (even with customised and nested properties) is an absolute gift from the coding gods (Kevin in this case) ;)

    I'm happy to help anyone else who is venturing into this area.

    Thanks again Jumoo and Kevin.

    Splinx <3

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