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  • Daniel Gillett 72 posts 149 karma points
    Mar 17, 2020 @ 20:46
    Daniel Gillett

    Publshed then Updated and Saved - Preview Mode of Saved Unpublished Page Links Not Working


    I have a site that I just finished and my user had some content that she updated and then saved, then clicked the preview button. However, the links in the preview aren't working but the already, untouched published page links are still fine.

    enter image description here

    From the image, the About page was updated and saved and the preview button clicked. The publsihed pages and links are still working - such as the search page. The galleries page and the all of the gallery items (pages) links don't work due to the lower level iPad Art page being updated and saved (not published). So those links don't work. ;-(

    Is there something I'm doing wrong? Is it a bug?? I've tested with .Url and .Url(mode: UrlMode.Absolute) with no difference. I have the Hostname set as well, with no difference. There "seems" to be an issue. I should be able to make an update and do a save then preview.

    Any help would be most appreciated!

    Many thanks!


  • Marc Goodson 1677 posts 11072 karma points MVP 6x c-trib
    Mar 19, 2020 @ 08:31
    Marc Goodson

    Hi Daniel

    I don't think you are doing anything wrong, it feels like it might be a bug.

    Out of interest if the iPad Art page is 'Saved and Published' eg no pending changes, and you make a change to 'About' and preview - do the links work then?

    Interested to see from your description if it's only a problem when there are sub-pages that have pending changes that the issue occurs, or whether that is a coincidence.

    In preview mode, you 'should' see the versions of pages as they are 'saved' rather than as they are 'published' so I'd expect you to be able to see the iPad Art page changes, even though they weren't published.

    When you use .Url to write out the Url to content, a series of UrlProviders are executed in order to generate the Url (sort of on the fly) rather than it being a 'saved' string... it's possible something is going wrong in the generation of this Url, in Preview Mode, that would explain the issue.

    Which version of V8 are you using.

    When I come across issues like this, I tend to search the issue tracker:

    to see if it's already been reported, or fixed in a later version

    and if not then I'd usually get a copy of the latest version locally and install the starter kit and see if I can find repeatable steps to reproduce the issue, and if so, create a new issue on the issue tracker...



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