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  • Thomas Hansen 192 posts 419 karma points
    Sep 21, 2020 @ 11:54
    Thomas Hansen

    Umbraco Searcher with Muli searcher


    I have som trouble with my Searcher.

    I have two ways here to get a result.

    Version 1. Gives me the correct result.

    Version 2, haves trouble with searching for stuff with danish letters (æøå).

    Is there a way to use thosse restrictions I have on version 2 on version 1 ?

    What fields it should search through, what doctypes, boost som fields etc. ??

     if (!ExamineManager.Instance.TryGetSearcher("MultiSearcher", out var searcher))
                throw new InvalidOperationException($"No index found with name MultiSearcher");
            //var word = SearchFriendlyString(searchTerm);
            //Version 1
            var results = searcher.Search(WebUtility.HtmlDecode(searchTerm), 500);
            //Version 2 
            IQuery query = searcher.CreateQuery(null);
            var textFields = "caption,altText,title_" + Lang + ",description_" + Lang +",content_" + Lang +",pDFDescription,__NodeTypeAlias,nodeName_" + Lang + ",nodeName,fileTextContent,sidebarContent_" + Lang;
            IBooleanOperation terms = query.GroupedOr(textFields.Split(','), searchTerm);
            string pageExclusionFields = "umbracoNaviHide";
            terms = terms.Not().GroupedOr(pageExclusionFields.Split(','), 1.ToString());
            terms = terms.Not().Field("__IndexType", "media");
            terms = terms.And().GroupedOr(new[] { "__NodeTypeAlias" }, new[] { "File","articlePage", "ritzauArticle", "sectionPage", "pageCampaignArticlePage", "pageCampaignSection" });
            var antoherResult = terms.Execute();
            return results;
  • Simon Ulmbrant 24 posts 118 karma points
    Sep 21, 2020 @ 20:12
    Simon Ulmbrant

    I had a similar issue but with swedish characters ääö. If I remember it correctly the problem wasn't about the MultiSearch for me though. I think it hade something to do with wildcard searching. The solution for me was a little dirty but solved the problem. I replaced the åäö with aao in the search term and it solved the problem and gave me results with åäö. Maybe it could help you in some way

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