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  • Søren Müller 3 posts 73 karma points
    1 week ago
    Søren Müller

    Use Keycloak for Login auth to Backoffice


    I'm trying to use keycloak as my IDP for login to Umbraco Backoffice.. Since there is no umbraco nuget package for this, I first tried using a guide for login with Google+. It works perfect.. then i added the nuget package "Owin.Security.Keycloak-3". Then I added this extension funtion below and called it from "UmbracoStandardOwinStartup" class.. But I dont get any login button and cant set umbraco linking options, since this is obfuscated in the google login nuget package.. Any tried this or hav any idea .. Thx :-)

           static string persistentAuthType = "keycloak_cookies"; // Or name it whatever you want
        public static void ConfigureBackOfficeKeycloakAuth(this IAppBuilder app, string clientId, string clientSecret,
            string caption = "Cadpeople keycloak", string style = "btn-google", string icon = "fa-google")
            //const string persistentAuthType = "keycloak_cookies"; // Or name it whatever you want
            app.UseCookieAuthentication(new CookieAuthenticationOptions
                AuthenticationType = persistentAuthType
            // You may also use this method if you have multiple authentication methods below,
            // or if you just like it better:
            // some more here login button, linking acccounts etc.??
            app.UseKeycloakAuthentication(new KeycloakAuthenticationOptions
                Realm = "UmbracoTest",
                ClientId = "u-client-bo",
                ClientSecret = "<client secret>",
                KeycloakUrl = "<url>",
                AuthenticationType = persistentAuthType,
                SignInAsAuthenticationType = persistentAuthType,
                //Token validation options - these are all set to defaults
                AllowUnsignedTokens = false,
                DisableIssuerSigningKeyValidation = false,
                DisableIssuerValidation = false,
                DisableAudienceValidation = false,
                TokenClockSkew = TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2)
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