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  • Luka Prelcec 1 post 71 karma points
    19 days ago
    Luka Prelcec

    Hey guys i need some help. I've been asked by a company that has a website to edit the website on Umbraco and add rich text and "photos" tab to the existing page. How do i do that? I have no permission on that website nor i can login.

    How can i migrate it to my Umbraco Editor to edit it? i know how to edit it, just the migration part confuses me.

  • Marc Goodson 1419 posts 9552 karma points MVP 5x c-trib
    1 week ago
    Marc Goodson

    Hi Luka

    It depends a little on the complexity of the site and where it is hosted.

    It's possible to make these kinds of changes on a live Umbraco install.

    And for a small site, this may be the 'simple setup' that people have put in place.

    But for a larger site, with multiple contributors, you'd tend to have the implementation source code in some kind of source code repository eg, git, and there be some kind of mechanism in place to deploy the site to the live environment.

    If you get a copy of the live database, locally onto your machine, and check out the source control for the site, you should then be able to work locally make your changes, and then push back into source control and trigger the deployment of the changes to the live environment.

    If you using Umbraco Cloud to host your site, then this ability to move changes between environments and bring down locally copies of the live content is all built into the service.

    If your Umbraco site is an Azure Web App, or hosted on a VM in IIS, then there will need to be a more custom deployment process, there is a third party plugin called uSync which will help manage these kind of development changes between environment as part of a deployment workflow:

    But if the company you are working with haven't got this kind of setup in place, and won't give you access to the live environment - they are making it hard for you! :-)

    But they might be expecting you to take a copy of their database and hopefully source controlled implementation (if not then a copy of their views and code from the site) - work locally - get it working - then describe back to them the manual changes they would need to make to apply the change to the live, environment, eg Create this picker called 'mainImage' copy this Partial View to here etc etc - it's not a great way to work! But maybe nobody has really thought how to 'maintain' this particular site, as it's not straightforward with Umbraco and the way Document Type configuraiton is stored in the database!



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