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  • Louis Ferreira 69 posts 265 karma points
    Feb 17, 2021 @ 06:45
    Louis Ferreira

    ImageProccesor + Video + BlobStorage?


    I have a load balanced environment with Umbraco 8 using Azure FileSystemProvider for Media. Everything works as expected: the media section shows images and video thumbnails, you can upload and delete etc.

    However, the videos are taking a long time to render in the browser causing render blocking of the page. The Network tab in developer tools shows the video requests 'pending', but eventually loading. And, if I manually hard code the video url pointing to it's location on the CDN, it works great!

    All video tags are rendered using the standard Umbraco way of rendering Media items, and produces the '/media/1234/some-video.mp4' url as expected. Nothing unusual here... but this begs the question:

    Does a request for a video with url '/media/1234/some-video.mp4' get picked up and proccessed by the ImageProccessor Module? Does this cause a bottleneck in the streaming proccess for that video? An ultimately, is there a way to bypass the ImageProccesor for videos so that they can be served directly from the Azure CDN / blob storage instead of through the ImageProccesor?

    And for info, I am instructed not to use embedded videos hosted on YT, or other services due to privacy & legal concerns, which is why they are placed in the Media section of Umbraco, and rendered using the <video/> tag.

  • Nik 1602 posts 7223 karma points MVP 7x c-trib
    Feb 18, 2021 @ 11:29

    Hey Louis,

    Image Processor won't be touching the media files I don't believe. If I recall correctly, it's only looking for image headers not "file" headers.

    Your issue will be more that Azure File System Provider is replicating the file system so your requests for the file aren't going direct to Blob storage, and in turn probably aren't "streaming" the files. Instead they are most likely buffering the entire file to the server before passing it through to the front end.

    I don't however, know a way around this, and also it's possible my understanding of the file system provider is wrong :-)

    But I'm 99% certain that Image Processor isn't your issue here.



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