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  • SkyTheLine 32 posts 102 karma points
    Feb 19, 2021 @ 09:09

    Is Umbraco Kubernetes ready?

    Hi there

    Since Umbraco will switch to .Net Core, was my thought, if it would be kuberentes ready?

    Did someone from you have exp with it?

  • AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd 109 posts 353 karma points
    Feb 23, 2021 @ 05:04
    AddWeb Solution Pvt. Ltd


    Umbraco and Kubes working would be that high on the roadmap, compared to porting it to .NET core. They run Umbraco cloud within Azure so the more well-traveled path is to use Umbraco within an Azure web app. With Umbraco Cloud, uSync, etc.. it is possible to get near replica environments and also go through below links once

  • Maarten Mensink 6 posts 78 karma points
    Nov 18, 2021 @ 12:42
    Maarten Mensink

    We have released our first website based on Umbraco 9 which runs on our Kubernetes cluster.

    Very easy with the v9 release of Umbraco.

  • Adriano Fabri 426 posts 1443 karma points
    Jan 28, 2022 @ 08:54
    Adriano Fabri

    Hi Maarten, I would to create a kubernetes cluster with Umbraco 9 but this is my first time with Kubernetes.

    So...I ask you if you can give me this informations:

    • the umbraco 9 version you used
    • if you started with this docker (
    • if I can follow instructions like this to create the umbraco 9 docker (, or can you give me another one
    • the requirements of each kubernetes node
    • how to configure different Media Folder location (other server)

    Thank you for your support Adriano

  • Maarten Mensink 6 posts 78 karma points
    Jan 28, 2022 @ 09:49
    Maarten Mensink

    Hey Adriano,

    I didn't start with any Docker template or blog. We wrote one based on our own experience with building .net for docker and used our existing knowledge for deploying to Kubernetes.

    The blog you mention seems to be just fine to create working docker image but lacks the deployment part to Kubernetes. We use a different base image to get a smaller image size but require some modification in the Dockerfile.

    Our build image is based on FROM AS build

    Our runtime image is based on FROM AS base

    We are currently using the following versions

    • Umbraco.CMS v9.2.0
    • Umbraco.StorageProviders.AzureBlob v1.0.0

    The requirements of the node is hard to say. It totally depends on how many containers you will be running and that node.

    Things to take into consideration.

    • You will have to do changes to Umbraco if you want to do load-balancing.
    • Modify the startup class to .AddEnvironmentVariables(); this will allow you passing in config variables through the k8s.yaml file.

    For media storage we use a blob storage on Azure and use the Umbraco.StorageProviders.AzureBlob.

  • Gabor Ferencz 19 posts 129 karma points
    Mar 21, 2022 @ 15:58
    Gabor Ferencz

    Hi There,

    We have Umbraco running in kube, umbraco 8 in fact, but we found a strange occurence. The machine name, when trying to load balance is being identified as a 15 character string, and is not registering correctly, since pur kube deployments define the pod name, and they will all identify as the same machine. What can you do in this scenario?

  • Maarten Mensink 6 posts 78 karma points
    Apr 04, 2022 @ 12:49
    Maarten Mensink

    You need the name of the machine to determine the server role?

    In that case i would separate the deployments one your the subscribers and one for the publisher. So you can configure the role base on a config key.

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