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  • Kevin T Reynolds 15 posts 158 karma points
    Apr 22, 2021 @ 18:57
    Kevin T Reynolds

    I'm trying to introduce some unit testing to extended Umbraco functionality but I think I may be overcomplicating things.

    This is the Method I'm trying to test.

    public class CareersService : ICareersService
        private readonly IPublishedContentQuery _contentQuery;
        private readonly IPublishedContentWrapper _publishedContent;
        private readonly IConverter<IPublishedContent, IJob> _converter;
        public CareersService(IPublishedContentQuery contentQuery, IPublishedContentWrapper publishedContent, IConverter<IPublishedContent, IJob> converter)
            _contentQuery = contentQuery;
            _publishedContent = publishedContent;
            _converter = converter;
        public IEnumerable<IJob> GetAllJobs()
            var root = _contentQuery.ContentAtRoot().FirstOrDefault();
            var jobPostings = _publishedContent.DescendantsOfType(root, "jobPosting");
            var jobs = jobPostings.Select(x => _converter.Convert(x));
            return jobs;

    the IPublishedContentWrapper is a wrapper so I can test the DescendantsOfType extension method.

    public interface IPublishedContentWrapper
        IEnumerable<IPublishedContent> DescendantsOfType(IPublishedContent node, string alias);
    public class PublishedContentWrapper : IPublishedContentWrapper
        public IEnumerable<IPublishedContent> DescendantsOfType(IPublishedContent node, string alias)
            return node?.DescendantsOfType(alias) ?? Enumerable.Empty<IPublishedContent>();

    and the converter is just handling conversion to my job model

    public class IPublishedContentToIJobConverter : IConverter<IPublishedContent, IJob>
        public IJob Convert(IPublishedContent source)
            var results = new Job()
                Id = source.Id,
                Name = source.Name,
                PostDate = source.Value<DateTime>("postDate"),
                JobTitle = source.Value<string>("jobTitle"),
                Url = source.Url(mode: UrlMode.Absolute),
                Active = source.Value<bool>("active")
            return results;

    I was following along with the unit testing documentation so I'm using that base class with a couple of modifications and here's my actual test.

        public void GetAllJobs_ReturnsEnumerableOfJobs()
            var jobNode = new Mock<IPublishedContent>();
            jobNode.Setup(x => x.Id).Returns(782);
            jobNode.Setup(x => x.Name).Returns("Web Developer");
            var jobNodes = new List<IPublishedContent>()
            var job = new Mock<IJob>();
            job.Setup(x => x.Id).Returns(782);
            job.Setup(x => x.Name).Returns("Web Developer");
            var jobs = new List<IJob>()
            var siteRoot = new Mock<IPublishedContent>();
            base.PublishedContentWrapper.Setup(x => x.DescendantsOfType(siteRoot.Object, "jobPosting")).Returns(jobNodes);
            _converter.Setup(x => x.Convert(jobNode.Object)).Returns(job.Object);
            var contentAtRoot = new List<IPublishedContent>()
            base.PublishedContentQuery.Setup(x => x.ContentAtRoot()).Returns(contentAtRoot);
            var result = _careers.GetAllJobs();
            Assert.Equal(jobs, result);

    It passes but it feels unnecessarily complicated for such a simple method. Is there a way to simplify the test or a way you would restructure the method to be more testable?

  • Dennis Adolfi 1082 posts 6444 karma points MVP 5x c-trib
    Apr 28, 2021 @ 11:23
    Dennis Adolfi

    I think it looks good and not complicated at all. Your test is easy to follow along and if I would have been new to your project and read this test I would get a good understanding of what it does. #H5YR!

  • Hüseyin 10 posts 100 karma points
    14 days ago

    Hi there, I need to write some unit tests but we still got this error. I use these packages and this code. nothing else . umbraco v12.2.0 . xunit v2.5.3 . NSubstitute v5.1.0

    var content = Substitute.For<IPublishedContent>();


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