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  • Carlos Mosqueda 239 posts 429 karma points
    May 12, 2021 @ 22:23
    Carlos Mosqueda

    Umbraco 7.15.7 doesn't allow an editor (Save and Send for approval) to unpublish anymore? Update from 7.12.1

    Where did the permission go for my editors to unpublish an node? Or set an unpublish date in Umbraco 7.15.7?
    My editors had it in 7.12.1 but I did a straight update to 7.15.7 and the option for my editors to set an "Unpublish" date is not there anymore.
    What happened?????

    Only those who have the ability to "Publish" now have the permission to set a "Publish At" or an "Unpublish at" date?
    Why was the change made? Can I get the "Unpublish At" option back without giving the editor the ability to publish the actual nodes?

    Is this a simple Angular permission issue to show the "Unpublish" button and the "Unpublish At"option on the nodes?

  • Carlos Mosqueda 239 posts 429 karma points
    May 18, 2021 @ 17:50
    Carlos Mosqueda

    Ok, so I found a quick fix workaround. Probably not the greatest but it fixed my issue if anyone else if having the issue.

    Go into the "/umbraco/js/umbraco.directives.js" and line 2675 you will see the limiter on who can schedule an unpublish. Which for us, it was night to have the writers have this power. So the code that was in the JS folder is here:

     scope.allowScheduledPublishing = _.contains(scope.node.allowedActions, 'U') && _.contains(scope.node.allowedActions, 'Z');

    What I did was updated and added the 'H' permission, or the ones that have the "Send for Approval" permission. (You will see at the top 'U', 'Z', 'H' all have different permission types tied to them)

    So now I added the 'H' value and it seems to work for now. I commented out the original and added my own.

    scope.allowScheduledPublishing = _.contains(scope.node.allowedActions, 'U') && _.contains(scope.node.allowedActions, 'Z')
                   || _.contains(scope.node.allowedActions, 'H');
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