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  • Marshall Penn 54 posts 213 karma points
    28 days ago
    Marshall Penn

    Is multi-tenancy possible in Umbraco 8?

    Can multi-tenancy work properly in Umbraco 8? If so what steps did you take to get it working - In Dan Booths article in he states that:

    However, it’s important to realise that the approach of Umbraco 8 was specifically aimed at creating One to One sites (you can, of course, still use the multi-tenancy approach but this is not what Umbraco 8 encourages or promotes). Bear that in mind. We need to get it to work on our 8.12.2 project but are having no luck. We have set hostnames for the two sites, and the front end sites use AD SSO, so the site2 is on a seperate webapp. Is there an undocumented setting that we have overlooked?

    Actually it seems that any pages from site2 that have a different path from site1 show correctly, but any pages from site2 that have the same path only show site1 content - including the home page!! We need to find a way for Umbraco to select the node based on the incoming hostname first, rather than the path first...

  • Marc Goodson 1562 posts 10458 karma points MVP 6x c-trib
    24 days ago
    Marc Goodson

    Hi Marshall

    Yes, multi tenancy is still possible with V8.

    The variants option Dan talks about is for sites that have 1-1 translation, so basically all the different languages live on the same node.

    but more often you need a different structure for a site in different 'territories' so it's still possible to build sites with V8 with multiple Homepages at the root, and use Culture and Hostname settings to determine which site responds to which url.

    If you have this setup correctly - and usual issues are top level items not ALL having a custom domain set - then if you seeing content being reached via a relative path on the wrong domain, then it sounds like a bug worth reporting...

    ... but when I've had a multi tenancy setup in this way, I've always had the same webapp running all the sites - so I'm not sure if something weird is happening having a web app only receiving traffic for one of the site... hmmm



  • Marshall Penn 54 posts 213 karma points
    22 days ago
    Marshall Penn

    Hi Marc,

    We have a few Umbraco 7 projects running multi tenanted sites on Azure for years where we have dual webapp setups (one for editor/failover, the other as primary public using front door or WAF) without issue, this problem where the pages for site A are being delivered on site B has only arisen on Umbraco 8. Both site A and site B have the hostnames set. They don't have a language set explicitly - it is just set to inherit - could that be the source of the issue? I did not see a need to set a language because we dont need any multi language functionality.

  • Sjaak van der Heide 27 posts 98 karma points
    20 days ago
    Sjaak van der Heide

    First of all: "Sorry I don't have the answer for you"

    But I do have a similar issues.

    We have a corporate site in Dutch(Default language) and English

    And a country specific site (only in English) on it's own domain name. Now when I access that site I get the Corporate site in English on the country sites hostname

    When I Publish the node in Dutch the correct content shows up, but in our case with a language switch because the homepage is now published in 2 languages.

    So I agree it seems like Umbraco is just ignoring the hostname for the non-default language on the English only site.

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