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  • Proxicode 127 posts 323 karma points
    Jul 08, 2021 @ 18:24

    Error deploying Media Items on cloud hosted V8


    I am using Cloud Hosted V8 and have installed the Simple S3 Plugin ( to store my media items on S3. It's working great, I can upload, edit, sort, delete, etc. I can verify using Cloudberry that the files are created correctly in my S3 bucket. All of my Media pickers are correctly bound and seems to be working great as well. And despite the physical file living on S3, an Umbraco Media item does get created with an ID, Size, etc, but it's path points to the CDN... perfect.

    When I deploy using the Transfer queue in the BackOffice, if the media item does not exist on the target, it will work fine. If it does exist on the target I get an error, but the error seems to blame the Source. I have obscured my cdn path, but I am able to take the path right out of the error message and navigate to it directly in the browser successfully.

    -- EXCEPTION ---------------------------------------------------
     (proper exception traces at the end of this log)
    System.NotSupportedException: Deploy can not deploy a file that doesn't exist. Filepath: https://my.cdn.path/assets/cdwpqxob/black-diamond-service-brief.pdf
    System.NotSupportedException: Deploy can not deploy a file that doesn't exist. Filepath: https://my.cdn.path/assets/cdwpqxob/black-diamond-service-brief.pdf
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Connectors.ValueConnectors.FileUploadValueConnector.ToArtifact(Object value, PropertyType propertyType, ICollection`1 dependencies)
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Connectors.ServiceConnectors.ContentConnector.ContentConnectorBase`2.SerializeNonVariantValue(ICollection`1 dependencies, IDictionary`2 propertyCollection, Property property, IValueConnector valueConnector)
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Connectors.ServiceConnectors.ContentConnector.ContentConnectorBase`2.MapArtifactProperties(PropertyCollection properties, ICollection`1 dependencies, Boolean published)
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Connectors.ServiceConnectors.ContentConnector.MediaConnector.GetArtifact(GuidUdi udi, IMedia media)
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Connectors.ServiceConnectors.ContentConnector.MediaConnector.GetArtifact(GuidUdi udi)
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Connectors.ServiceConnectors.ServiceConnectorBase`3.Umbraco.Core.Deploy.IServiceConnector.GetArtifact(Udi udi)
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Environments.CurrentEnvironment.AddEntries(Manifest manifest, List`1 sigs, HashSet`1 exclude, IDictionary`2 items, CancellationToken token)
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Environments.CurrentEnvironment.CreateManifestAsync(Guid sessionId, IEnumerable`1 udis, IEnumerable`1 exclude, CancellationToken token)
       at Umbraco.Deploy.Work.WorkItems.DeployRestoreWorkItemBase.<CreateManifestOnSource>d__17.MoveNext()

    I've spoken with support and they are quick to tell me it's not their issue, but the error only happens on Deploy and only happens on Updates so I am a bit lost on where to try next. I have added an entry to the UmbracoDeploy.Settings.config

         <add type="media-file" />

    I am happy to provide more details if needed.

  • Proxicode 127 posts 323 karma points
    Jul 09, 2021 @ 15:59

    Desperate for any advice - We are supposed to be launching live but I can't deploy the media :-(

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