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  • Alexander Mounzer 8 posts 118 karma points
    20 days ago
    Alexander Mounzer

    How do you redirect to another Page from a RenderMVCController

    Hi everyone!

    I'm still learning umbraco and I am having the issue of Redirecting my users to different pages generated in umbraco when they login.

    I've tried to use return redirect(), return CurrentTemplate and RedirectToRoute

    This is my controller:

    public class MinaSidorController : RenderMvcController
        IMapper _mapper;
        IAuthenticationService _authenticationService;
        IBookshelfService _bookshelfService;
        public MinaSidorController(IAuthenticationService authenticationService, IBookshelfService bookshelf, IMapper mapper)
            _authenticationService = authenticationService;
            _bookshelfService = bookshelf;
            _mapper = mapper;
        // GET: MinaSidor
        public async Task<ActionResult> Index(ContentModel model)
            if (User.Identity.IsAuthenticated)
                var ticket = (string)Session["ticketkey"];
                var viewModel = new LoginViewModel();
                var testkey = ConfigurationManager.AppSettings["SITEKEY"];
                    var response = await _authenticationService.GetUserInfo(testkey, ticket, true);
                    var bookshelfResponse = await _bookshelfService.GetBookshelf(ticket);
                    viewModel.UserInformationModel = response;
                    viewModel.Shelf = bookshelfResponse;
                catch (Exception e)
                    return RedirectToAction("Login", "Authentication");
                switch (viewModel.UserInformationModel.userRole)
                    case "Patron":
                        return CurrentTemplate(viewModel);
                    case "Registrator":
                        return CurrentTemplate(viewModel);
                    case "Minor Patron":
                        return CurrentTemplate(viewModel);
                    case "Supplier":
                        return CurrentTemplate(viewModel);
                        return CurrentTemplate(viewModel);
                return RedirectToAction("Login", "Authentication");

    And these are the pages I have created in the backoffice:

    From backoffice

    Vuxen = Patron, Registrator = Bibliotekarie.

    Does anyone know how to redirect my Login Action to these pages?

  • Huw Reddick 511 posts 1628 karma points
    1 week ago
    Huw Reddick

    You should be able to do something like

    var redirectPage = Umbraco.Content(123); //page id here
    return Redirect(redirectPage.Url);
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