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  • Neil Hodges 338 posts 985 karma points
    15 days ago
    Neil Hodges

    Using IUmbracoMapper to map custom Models or AutoMapper?


    Using Umbraco 8.16

    I'm porting over an old Umbraco v7 site that used AutoMapper heavily.

    I've added AutoMapper to my Class Library and registered in a composer:


    However, I then get an error:

    Missing public constructor for Type: AutoMapper.IMapper

    So should I use AutoMapper or use Umbraco's own IUmbracoMapper?

    I have tried to add this into my SurfaceController:

     private readonly IUmbracoMapper _umbracoMapper;
            public NewsSurfaceController(IUmbracoMapper umracoMapper)
                _umbracoMapper = umracoMapper;

    But getting an error where it cannot find IUmbracoMapper (what namesapce is this under? do i need to register via a composer first?). Am I instantiating it correctly here?

  • Neil Hodges 338 posts 985 karma points
    14 days ago
    Neil Hodges

    Ok so i think i have sussed this out now:

    In my SurfaceController :

    public ActionResult NewsIndex(int page=0, int pageSize=2)
                var newsArticles = _newsRepository.GetAllNewsArticlesFromSource(CurrentPage.Id);
                var definitions = new MapDefinitionCollection(new IMapDefinition[]
                    new NewsArticleUmbracoMapperDefinition(_mediaService)
                var mapper = new UmbracoMapper(definitions, _scopeProvider);
                var articleViewModels = mapper.Map<List<Data.Entities.NewsArticle>, List<NewsArticleViewModel>>(newsArticles);
                var skipCount = (page > 0 && pageSize > 0) ? page * pageSize : 0;
                if (articleViewModels.Count < skipCount)
                    skipCount = articleViewModels.Count / pageSize;
                var articles = articleViewModels.Skip(skipCount).Take(pageSize);
                var results = new PagedResult<NewsArticleViewModel>(articleViewModels.Count, page, pageSize) { Items = articles }; ;
                return PartialView("NewsIndex", results);

    I then create a Mapper Definition:

    public class NewsArticleUmbracoMapperDefinition : IMapDefinition
            private readonly IMediaService _mediaService;
            public NewsArticleUmbracoMapperDefinition(IMediaService mediaService)
                _mediaService = mediaService;
            public void DefineMaps(UmbracoMapper mapper)
                mapper.Define<NewsArticle, NewsArticleViewModel>((source, context) => new NewsArticleViewModel(), Map);
            private void Map(NewsArticle source, NewsArticleViewModel target, MapperContext context)
                target.Introduction = source.Introduction;
                target.MenuTitle = source.MenuTitle;
                target.NewsDate = source.NewsDate;
                if (source.NewsImage > 0)
                    target.NewsImageName = _mediaService.GetById(source.NewsImage).Name;
                    target.NewsImageUrl = _mediaService.GetById(source.NewsImage).Path;
                target.Url = source.Url;

    Does this look like the correct way of doing it? It seems to work Ok, just want to make sure I'm on the right path with it now.

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