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  • rafael concepcion rafael 3 posts 73 karma points
    Oct 28, 2021 @ 02:27
    rafael concepcion rafael

    uSync send partial updates. Is there any way? Umbraco v7


    I am new to umbraco and web development at the same time (but I've been a former windows form developer VB/C#.Net). The umbraco website is already deployed in the production and is now use by the end users. I deployed it using uSync and uSync.ContentEdition. It is working fine as expected. But our client in the back office request something. I am struggling now on how to send my updates / changes to the production site. uSync works like "update all" and no option for a partial update where I can select a specific node/properties and import to the production site.

    Question: Is there any way to send my updates without affecting the existing contents in the production server. (my local copy is running via visual studio and contents are very different to the contents in the production).

    I am using Umbraco v7.15 and upgrading is not possible due to requirement issue. I am open to use other packages to make things work.

    Thank you.


  • Kevin Jump 2146 posts 13582 karma points MVP 6x c-trib
    Oct 28, 2021 @ 08:18
    Kevin Jump


    there are a couple of ways It depends on how frequently you want to do this.

    the "simplest" way is to clear out the uSync folder of all but the things you want to import, so if for example you want to import a couple of new content pages, you could remove (or rename) the current usync/data folder and put in its place something that only contains the files you want to update.

    without a usyncaction.config file in the root, uSync won't delete anything it cant find it will just update from the files present.

    if this is more of a long term thing, you can choose to exclude certain things by path in content.

    for example,

    <HandlerConfig Name="uSync: ContentHandler" Enabled="true">
      <Setting Key="ignore" Value="home\blog\example" />
      <Setting Key="rulesonexport" Value="true" />

    this would stop any content in home/blog being exported or imported by the site, so you could use something like this to make sure only content in one area was being imported.

    (docs for v7 config here :

  • rafael concepcion rafael 3 posts 73 karma points
    Oct 28, 2021 @ 08:58
    rafael concepcion rafael

    Hi Kevin.

    Thanks for the reply. I will try your given solution and update here afterwards.

    additional question: is there any way to include new packages installed in uSync?

    ex.: I installed uIncrement package for page statistics. does the uSync can do that job? I am wondering how can I sync those content pages that uses the newly installed package.

  • Kevin Jump 2146 posts 13582 karma points MVP 6x c-trib
    Oct 28, 2021 @ 09:01
    Kevin Jump


    uSync doesn't really sync packages but uSync will sync the database changes, so if a new package adds them then it will sync them, but you will have to sync the files a package adds as part of your deployment/copy process.

    for a package usually this means files in app_plugins and any dll's the package may add to the bin folder

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