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  • nickornotto 393 posts 895 karma points
    Dec 30, 2021 @ 00:39

    Did the database schema change between verisons 8 and 9?

    As per the subject: Did the database schema change between versions 8 and 9?

    I am asking as I want to upgrade from umbraco 7.15.3 to 9 in one go, skipping version 8.

    In this case I just need to know if I can upgrade the database to version 8 and then migrate my code to new Umbraco 9 solution.

    I will appreciate to hear your experiences if someone tried to do something similar.

    There is simply no point of doing lots of code changes to make version 8 working and doing them again when upgrading to version 9.

  • Asembli 53 posts 172 karma points
    Jan 18, 2022 @ 16:06


    I am facing the same dilemma, skipping v8. I think you're wondering if there are differences between v7 and v9 if you say you're going to upgrade to v7. Between v7 and v9 they certainly are, at least one is the flag for the isElement in the cmsContentType table.

    For me, the schema is not such a problem yet. The biggest problem is all these powerful plugins that I have been developing for v7 for years - but now I have to rewrite everything. That's a lot of works to be done...


  • nickornotto 393 posts 895 karma points
    Jan 18, 2022 @ 16:26

    No, I am wondering if there are differences between 8 and 9 since it is already known there are differences between 7 and 8 databases.

  • Mark Drake 127 posts 416 karma points c-trib
    Jan 18, 2022 @ 16:38
    Mark Drake

    Hi Nick,

    Best of luck on your migration ahead.

    Between version 7 and 9, many things have changed. It's more than just the database itself. For example: some property types have been deprecated. That was one of the issues holding us back from a similar migration. We had to replace the old deprecated property type with one of the new ones prior to running the rest of the upgrade/migration.

    When moving to 8 or even 9, you may find your other dependencies (nuget packages, Umbraco extensions, or even 1st party code) breaks. This is especially true for moving to 9 where we've moved away from the ASP.NET MVC framework to the .NET Core 5 framework.

    I'd first download the pre-migration health check tool into my Umbraco 7 site. Run it, fix the issues, run it until the health checks look good.

    Version 8.1.0 of Umbraco has the migration tool. To use it, you'll have to upgrade your project to 8.1.0 – 8.50. I don't believe the tool can be used separate of the package. You could theoretically use the tool without affecting your current source.

    Start a new Umbraco project 8.1.0 – 8.5.0. During setup, point it at a clone of your current 7.15.3 database. A clone / copy / backup, not the actual database. See how the upgrade goes.

    If your backoffice content looks good, you can upgrade to the latest version of 8. Then the latest version of 9.

    Then start porting your code from your 7.15.3 project to your new 9 project?

  • nickornotto 393 posts 895 karma points
    Jan 18, 2022 @ 17:24

    Thanks, good luck to you too!

    My question is specific about the database schema between the version 8 and 9, not the whole upgrade process as this has been covered in many other threads.

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