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  • Eliran 8 posts 78 karma points
    Mar 11, 2022 @ 22:10

    Umbraco update takes forever

    Hey, I research umbraco migration from v7.15 to v8. I tried to do it so many times with no success, i got to the point its just running forever with no errors while slowly doing the same query over and over, making my cpu to overflow (i5 six 2.9hz cores). The query is (@0 int, @1 uniqueidentifier) UPDATE cmsPropertyData SET versionid2=@0 where versionid=@1

    It is working, but it takes days and it makes no sense.

    Our site is around 1000 pages, the cmsPropertyData table contains 19m rows! I have no idea why.

    Things i tried: I switched all data types to the new ones (i dont care about the content for now, i just want it to pass migration first, its a demo for now). I used sql scripts to clean all versions, leaving only the current one (i found it here in this forum) Cleaned the recycle bins with a script (it was to big to empty from the backoffice) And since treenodepickers data fields were too long, i used a tool to transform them to the new udi form. Any other too long data fields that led to errors i just turned to null.

    I think the key here is understanding why the table is so huge and if is it normal for it to be like that. My pc is quite strong, maybe not enough?

    Thanks for any help given

  • Mehmet Avcı 55 posts 240 karma points
    Mar 12, 2022 @ 10:42
    Mehmet Avcı

    Hi Eliran,

    Firstly good luck, this upgrade you are trying can be a little tricky.

    Secondly; on your actual question; if you are using any custom property editors or any retired editors, they might create issues like this during upgrade. These editors usually stores data in json format, you might transform them to another built-in property type that can hold that data - just for test purposes ofc.

    Thirdly, I don't know if you have checked but documentation have quite a detailed guide for upgrade. In addition ProWorks have quite nice tips here

    Lastly, 1000 page(considering them as nodes) vs 19M rows in cmsPropertyData is plausible -quite hard work but yes- if you have never cleaned up versions - otherwise it is quite unlikely. It is retired but you might try unversion package.

    Note: I would have copies of that database on the side, untouched and versioned per step.

    Hope these help.


  • Eliran 8 posts 78 karma points
    Mar 13, 2022 @ 14:51

    Hey mehmet, thanks for your reply. I have no custom peoperty editors, the only thing i found being used is something called tinymce3, its not a type of editor and im not sure if its relevant.

    Ofcourse i read the manual and acted accordingly.

    The versions are cleaned, i can see it when i search for versions table, just to make sure i ran any cleaning sql script i could find. The strange thing is that property data that are related to nonexisting or non reachable nodes are still in my tables! I have no idea how to remove them.

    Unversion did nothing for the issue, and f.a.r.m isnt working on my version (7.13.2)

    Thanks for all the help

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