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  • nickornotto 392 posts 884 karma points
    Apr 24, 2022 @ 09:19

    Why "Publish all pages" action is not really re-publishing selected node property data?

    I am selecting a page Actions > Publish "Node name" and all its subpages

    This seems to be performing some action.


    1. The page and none of the subpages get the "Published" record in history.

    2. The content new version seems to appear in the database

    3. The properties data of the new version is not getting "renewed".

    While if I save the particular content using "Save and publish" button of the content the point 1 and 3 work in the way that:

    1. The page gets "Publish" record in the history trail

    2. As per above

    3. The property data is really getting new version (according to the data type definition).

    I elaborate the last point 3:

    I am trying to upgrade 7.15.3 to any version 8.

    • I installed Our.Umbraco.Migrations for version 7.

    • I installed proworks migration package for version 8.

    • I changed my pickers to new version in all data types in version 7 using such pickers.

    • I use "new" Umbraco.NestedContent data types (as opposite to old Archetype or obsolete Our.Umbraco.NestedContent).

    And I am trying to update all content to use the correct - new version of NestedContent. Eg. I run Publish all subpages of the root content. None of the old content did update with a new version of property data, eg. old nested content json data stayed as it was without a key in the database in new versions etc.

    As I have many nodes - I of course do not fancy to republish all content manually. Also the question remains how to update a content (to use new version of NC for example) that has not been published but is only in "Save" state?

    If the content is not updated properly - it throws an error after the upgrade to version 8 because NC json is not compatible - has no "key" property.

    So is the only way to update the content to run a custo m migration?


  • nickornotto 392 posts 884 karma points
    Apr 25, 2022 @ 13:51

    Anyone knows?

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