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  • supertrip 4 posts 74 karma points
    18 days ago

    Create dropdown list as prevalue in custom Property Editor

    Hi, I am developing an Umbraco custom Property Editor, and I would like to add as a prevalue a dopwdown list with options from which to select a specific value.

    To learn how to create custom Property Editors I am referring to this project:


    I saw that a way to specify prevalues from a C# class, I can do:


    using System.Runtime.Serialization; using Umbraco.Cms.Core.PropertyEditors;

    namespace Bergmania.OpenStreetMap.Core { [DataContract] public class OpenStreetMapConfiguration { [DataMember(Name = "defaultPosition")] [ConfigurationField("defaultPosition", "Default Position", Constants.EditorView)] public OpenStreetMapModel DefaultPosition { get; set; }

        [DataMember(Name = "showSearch")]
        [ConfigurationField("showSearch", "Show Search", Constants.BooleanView, Description = "Show search field above map.")]
        public bool ShowSearch { get; set; } = false;
        [DataMember(Name = "showCoordinates")]
        [ConfigurationField("showCoordinates", "Show Coordinates", Constants.BooleanView, Description = "Show marker coordinates below map.")]
        public bool ShowCoordinates { get; set; } = false;
        [DataMember(Name = "allowClear")]
        [ConfigurationField("allowClear", "Allow Clear", Constants.BooleanView, Description = "Allow clearing previous marker.")]
        public bool AllowClear { get; set; } = true;
        [DataMember(Name ="tileLayer")]
        [ConfigurationField("tileLayer", "Tile Layer", Constants.TextStringView)]
        public string TileLayer { get; set; } = "https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png";
        [DataMember(Name ="tileLayerAttribution")]
        [ConfigurationField("tileLayerAttribution", "Tile Layer Attribution", Constants.TextStringView)]
        public string TileLayerAttribution { get; set; } = "Map data © OpenStreetMap contributors";



    So, In understand I can add new fields in the following way:


    [DataMember(Name ="tileLayer")] ConfigurationField("tileLayer", "Tile Layer", Constants.TextStringView)]public string TileLayer { get; set; } = "https://{s}{z}/{x}/{y}.png";


    Now, I can see that "boolean" and "textstring" are used...

    Does anyone have an example on how I can insert a dropdown list? Or know where I can find all the data types / views I can provide to this ConfigurationField object?

  • Lee Kelleher 3988 posts 15555 karma points MVP 11x admin c-trib
    17 days ago
    Lee Kelleher

    Hi supertrip!

    As you may have found, there isn't a dropdown editor available in the "umbraco\views\prevalueeditors" folder - I'm not sure why this is, probably that there hasn't been a need for it with the core/default property-editor configuration options.

    There is a way to do this, by using the "umbraco\views\propertyeditors\dropdownFlexible" property-editor. But it needs some extra C# code.

    Add your new field to the Configuration class, pretty much as the OpenStreetMap editor code has it.

    For the View property, set the value to be "~/umbraco/views/propertyeditors/dropdownFlexible/dropdownFlexible.html". You may need to play around with this, as I can't recall if the "wwwroot" part is needed or not on Umbraco v9. 🤔

    Then in your ConfigurationEditor class, inside the constructor, add the following code...

    Field("propertyAlias").Config = new Dictionary<string, object>
        { "items", new[] { "one", "two", "three" } }

    Unfortunately, the built-in dropdown list doesn't support displaying label/value pairs for <option>, the value has to be the same as the label.

    (For my own package, I ended up making my own dropdown list editor).

    Hope this helps?

    - Lee

  • Ambert van Unen 144 posts 730 karma points c-trib
    15 days ago
    Ambert van Unen

    You could also add your own dropdown by adding a Configuration for your propertyeditor:


        [ConfigurationField("svgSprite", "Use SVG sprite", "~/App_Plugins/PluginName/dropdown.html")]

    and in PluginName/dropdown.html:

    <div ng-controller="Dropdown.Controller as vm">
    <select ng-model="vm.selectedItem" ng-change="" required ng-options=" for sprite in vm.items"> </select>

    Then you can add the options using angular, which will appear in your property editor

  • supertrip 4 posts 74 karma points
    15 days ago

    Hi Lee and Ambert, thank you both for your kind replies.

    As suggested, I am now trying to implement my own select menu.

    There is still something not clear to me though: If my configuration has multiple custom ConfigurationField, should I use the same controller for each ConfigurationField view? Or should I use a separate controller for each view? How can I share the $scope between controllers?

    namespace ARPA.PropertyEditor
        public class ARPAConfiguration
            [DataMember(Name = "defaultPosition")]
            [ConfigurationField("defaultPosition", "Default Position", "~/App_Plugins/PluginName/element.html")]
            public ARPAObject DefaultPosition { get; set; }
            [DataMember(Name = "tipologiaMappa")]
            [ConfigurationField("tipologiaMappa", "Tipo Mappa", "~/App_Plugins/PluginName/otherElement.html", Description = "Seleziona la tipologia di mappa")]
            public object TipologiaMappa { get; set; }
            [DataMember(Name = "tileLayerAttribution")]
            [ConfigurationField("tileLayerAttribution", "Tile Layer Attribution", Constants.TextStringView)]
            public string TileLayerAttribution { get; set; }

    From what I see, to save data I have to insert it into:


    And the value gets automatically saved on the database on Submit

    enter image description here

    How is data actually managed by Umbraco on save? Should I share the same controller, or have a separate controller for each ConfigurationField ?

    I apologize, but couldn't find detailed information on this

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