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  • Stefan Fernström 6 posts 26 karma points
    May 13, 2022 @ 08:06
    Stefan Fernström

    Check if a Member is a User

    Hello everyone!

    I am a developer coding a solution where i want to check if a Member is also a User/backoffice user and add support for our logging. the code looks like this.

    public bool AddAndOrLoginMember()
            bool succeeded = false;
            var user = GetUser();
            if (!CheckValidAbonnemang(user))
                return false;
            var memberService = Current.Services.MemberService;
            _logger.Info<LoginService>("Check if user already exists");
            IMember member = memberService.GetByUsername(user.Personnummer);
            var backOfficeUserService = Current.UmbracoContext.Security.CurrentUser;
            if (member != null)
                _logger.Info<LoginService>($"User, {user.Fornamn} {user.Efternamn}: Username {user.Personnummer.Substring(0, 10)}, exists. Login user.");
                // Member already added. Login member
                succeeded = Login(member);
                // Create the user
                member = AddUmbracoMember(user);
                // Login user
                _logger.Info<LoginService>("Login user");
                succeeded = Login(member);
            if (succeeded)
                _logger.Info<LoginService>($"Set forms authentication cookie");
                FormsAuthentication.SetAuthCookie(member.Username, true);
            _logger.Info<LoginService>($"User login succeeded: {succeeded}");
            return succeeded;

    I found Current.UmbracoContext.Security.CurrentUser; and it has a method i think called IsAdmin() but it only takes a IUser and when i get the current member its a IMember so it aint compatible.

    My first thought was to do something like If()member != null || backOfficeUserService.IsAdmin(member){...} but then i get a "Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State Error CS1501 No overload for method 'IsAdmin' takes 1 argument"

    so any idea how to easily solve this and do a check if a member is also a backofficeUser? if more clarification is needed i will try to answer it :)

  • Corné Hoskam 80 posts 587 karma points MVP 3x c-trib
    May 13, 2022 @ 13:49
    Corné Hoskam

    Hi Stefan,

    There is a clear difference between Members and Users. Users are specifically accounts that have access to the Umbraco Back-Office. Members are used for external users of the platform, like the front-end of your application!

    You can for example check if your Users and Members have the same username or e-mail address if you are still interested in such a thing, but there is no intended relationship between Members and Users as it stands!

    Hope this helped!

    Kind regards,

    Corné Hoskam

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