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  • Martin Rud 240 posts 941 karma points c-trib
    Apr 27, 2023 @ 11:12
    Martin Rud

    Upgrade Umbraco from 7.15.3 to 8.x.x


    I have taken over an Umbraco solution v. 7.15.3 and the customer would like it to be upgraded. Not because customer needs any specific new features, but for security and, partly, performance.

    I see that there is no direct upgrade path, but that one needs to migrate content from the v7 to a new v8 installation:

    And custome code and packages probably needs upgrading too. The solution uses no packages and in templates is only used Umbraco.Grid (i.e. CurrentPage.GetGridHtml() )

    Will I still need to upgrade this custom code that gets the Umbraco.Grid content? Is it possible to import datatypes and doc types to the new v8 site as well as content?

    I know this might be difficult to answer 100% percent, but has any one something to say/recommend?

    P.S.: Note that customer is no willing to pay for a new site on v11. Customer plans a totally new site in 2-3 years time instead.

  • Steve Morgan 1346 posts 4455 karma points c-trib
    Apr 28, 2023 @ 13:21
    Steve Morgan


    I think I've done this with success before - as I'm currently in a hell taking grid content out of v7 -> v10 this would actually seem attractive right now.

    I vaguely recall an issue with the grid going v7 -> 8 - probably this:

    But the tip would be spin up a 8.5 solution - copy in your views, css etc. Point the the db connection string at a copy of your v7 and see what happens.

    There's a recommended stepped version approach to get you onto the latest v8. I think it was 8.5 then above - take note of the green panel.

    But basically follow this:

    I wouldn't expect this to actually take that long... depends on how much customisation is actually lurking. There's always something...


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