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  • Mehedi Hasan 3 posts 23 karma points
    Sep 19, 2023 @ 13:00
    Mehedi Hasan

    This documents is published but not in the cache. I am using the version 7.10.4

    enter image description here

  • Marc Goodson 2046 posts 13490 karma points MVP 8x c-trib
    Sep 20, 2023 @ 09:46
    Marc Goodson

    Hi Mehedi

    When you publish an item in Umbraco it updates the database to indicate it is published but also updated an XML file held in memory called the 'Umbraco Published Cache) - When your site displays pages, they are retrieved from the Published Cache.

    However as the database is not connected to the published cache, when you publish a page, it's possible the database update succeeds but not the update of the XML file.

    Then when you look at the content in the backoffice you get the message, this content is published (according to the database) but is not in the published cache.

    So the resolution depends on why it's not in the published cache!

    Common causes...

    1) something went awry when publishing - just republish the page. 2) permissions aren't set correctly on the server, so the published cache is updated in memory on publish, but when the site restarts it loads the XML file from disk, and if the IIS site doesn't have permissions to update the XML file or it was locked, then the in memory version reverts back to when the XML file was last updated, and pages are lost from the cache. Fix is to give modify permissions to the folder where the umbraco.xml is created (either in app_data or in the servers environment temp folder depending on how this is configured on your site). 3) The parent page is Unpublished, if you publish a page beneath a page that is unpublished, then it will be marked as 'published' in the database but not be added to the published cache, as the item under which it needs to be added hierachily isn't here - fix is look at each parent and parent' parent until you find one without the message, then publish each one in turn down to your content item. 4) you have custom code running to update examine indexes or fire an event and that is failing preventing the bit that updates the published cache from executing - there should be errors in the logs if this is the case.

    or something else, but hopefully that give you the understanding over why you are seeing the message, good luck!



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