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  • Chris Randle 68 posts 182 karma points c-trib
    4 days ago
    Chris Randle

    Umbraco 13 - Deploying from an Azure DevOps GIT Repo to Umbraco Cloud - should I avoid source code on the UC repo?

    TL;DR Umbraco 13 - Deploying from an Azure DevOps (AD) GIT Repo to Umbraco Cloud (UC) - should I deploy source code and let UC servers repeat the same DLL compilation as DevOps - or just copy across the DevOps created DLLs to the UC Repo?

    Hey everyone,

    • We are using GIT repos on AD to store our development source code, with a build pipeline on the Master branch for when PRs are accepted.

    • To deply. we were copying the local AD repo clone over a local clone of the UC repo (development) and then committing. We started initially doing this manually but then developed the CI/CD pipeline to overwrite the UC repo with the AD repo (filtered) contents and pushing the changes.

    • We started to get a message in the log files saying "filename is too long" (This required us to run git config --system core.longpaths true in Kudu to fix the issue) and this started a discussion about this page: because we were at one point thinking "let's just not deploy source code files" with half the team saying the page says to do so and the other saying not to.

    We think the page appears unclear about this situation.

    Option A) Deploy DLLs only

    Surely it is more secure to only have DLLs on UC server in case of bad actors, and also it is pointless rebuilding the same DLLs using the UC server when AD build agent has already done this

    ** Option B) Deploy source code (i.e. *.cs files) only

    This means people can change code easily without having access to AD. It's more open and allows anyone with a browser to edit source files and trigger a build.

    Which option is right for our scenario?

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