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  • Thomas 12 posts 92 karma points
    3 days ago

    After updating to Umbraco Forms 14, my custom field settings are displaying incorrectly in the backoffice

    As mentioned in the title, my custom fields are not showing the correct name and description. This is what they show:

    enter image description here

    The code for the custom field looks like this:

    public SliderFieldType()
        Id = new Guid("6dff0075-598c-4345-89d7-e0db8684c819");
        Name = "Slider";
        Alias = "slider";
        Description = "Render a UUI Slider field.";
        Icon = "icon-autofill";
        DataType = FieldDataType.String;
        SortOrder = 10;
        FieldTypeViewName = "FieldType.Slider.cshtml";
        EditView = "My.PropertyEditorUi.InputNumber";
        PreviewView = "My.FieldPreview.Slider";
    [Setting("Minimum", Description = "Minimum value", View = "Umb.PropertyEditorUi.Integer", DisplayOrder = 10)]
    public virtual string? Min { get; set; } = "1";
    [Setting("Maximum", Description = "Maximum value", View = "Umb.PropertyEditorUi.Integer", DisplayOrder = 20)]
    public virtual string? Max { get; set; } = "1";

    I checked the console log and I'm getting this error:

    Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: Cannot read properties of undefined (reading 'replace') at UmbLocalizationController.string (localization.controller.js:125:36) at UmbPropertyLayoutElement.render (property-layout.element.js:56:22) at UmbPropertyLayoutElement.update (index.js:19:239) at UmbPropertyLayoutElement.performUpdate (index.js:9:4905) at UmbPropertyLayoutElement.scheduleUpdate (index.js:9:4443) at UmbPropertyLayoutElement._$ET

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