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  • Kris Janssen 210 posts 568 karma points c-trib
    May 30, 2017 @ 02:37
    Kris Janssen

    Inserting hyperlinks in RTE broken in 7.6.1

    Today, one of my users pointed out that inserting hyperlinks is not possible under 7.6.1 in RTE. Trying to do so results in following JS error:

      [Error] Error: undefined is not an object (evaluating 'n.href')
    (anonymous function) (angular.min.js:54:126)
    $apply (angular.min.js:92:399)
    (anonymous function) (angular-mobile.js:269)
    dispatch (jquery.min.js:3:7543)
    handle (jquery.min.js:3:5626)

    I believe this is caused by this commit:

    Here, a new function was added, createElemAttributes() but this function never returns the variable a which holds, among other things, the actual URL value...

    Therefore, following TinyMCE function gets passed null for the third parameter:

    execCommand: function(e, t, n, r) {
                return this.editorCommands.execCommand(e, t, n, r)
  • Kris Janssen 210 posts 568 karma points c-trib
    May 30, 2017 @ 03:57
    Kris Janssen

    I can confirm that adding return a; at the end of createElemAttributes() restores normal ability to enter urls in RTE

    I have created a Pull Request accordingly.

    Additionally, Sebastiaan and some others pointed out that the tinyMCE plugin with issues (umbracolink) is probably redundant and can be disables. For more info see here.

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