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  • Dave 27 posts 79 karma points
    Jul 05, 2018 @ 09:44

    Doctype Grid Editor Problems - Umbraco Upgrade 7.8.0

    Hey guys,

    Having a little problem with Doctype Grid Editor (DTGE), needing a little assistance if anyone is familiar with this plugin.

    But first a little backstory to explain the steps bringing me to this little pickle im in:

    Following an upgrade path from 7.3.4, (currently sat on 7.8.0) with the intention of ending up on the latest version, (at time of writing that's 7.11.1 but that will change as new versions are released) as im skipping up through the versions.

    However along that path it seems DTGE is throwing an invisible error, by invisible I mean there's no javascript console errors, and no errors being tracked in the Umbraco logs. Giving me very little to go off.

    The problem is this: The grid already has doctypes added, and when you click the doctype you get a flyout pane from the right hand side containing the properties for that doctype. Very cool, very handy, but at the moment, very broken as that pane was empty. (it now doesnt come out at all).

    I've had a search around the interwebs and it seems others have faced this and managed to fix. ->

    Now I wasnt on the latest version of DTGE so that has been bumped up from 0.4.0 to 0.5.0 (which went from a blank pane (0.4.0) to no pane at all (0.5.0))

    Its been noticed that some of the datatypes on the doctypes being used in the grid were obsolete, the ones found so far are content picker and nested content. (Im a late arriver to this site, was already developed. So im not sure what all these doctypes contain until ive had a poke around)

    Would these obsolete properties cause the errors im getting?

    What ive done: • The usual cache busting, • App pool restarts • Client dependency value increasing

    All of the above, unfortunately to no avail so as a last ditch attempt I tried the fix in the thread above. Which is to install a fresh 7.8.0 and DTGE 0.5.0 because, based on what I was reading it sounds as though nuget doesnt update all the files and left a few out. Namely the .js files in App_Plugins/DocTypeGridEditor/Js with the fix for this being to install fresh a Umbraco 7.8.0, fresh DTGE 0.5.0, and copied the files across and im still experiencing the same problems.

    Would love to hear if anyone has any suggestions on how to resolve this, something is clearly wrong, somewhere and im having a trouble tracking it down.

  • Dave 27 posts 79 karma points
    Jul 05, 2018 @ 09:57

    Update: Uninstalled DTGE 0.5.0 and immediately reinstalled 0.4.0 and now the panels are back! Some have properties! But not all.

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