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  • khaled mohamed 1 post 71 karma points
    Aug 10, 2018 @ 08:07
    khaled mohamed

    umbraco V 7.3.3 my hosting tell me umbraco load/high resource utilization Database

    Your hosting account has been investigated by our administrators due to excessive load/high resource utilization which includes high CPU utilization and memory consumption produced by your MSSQL database queries.

    We regret to inform you that based on the excessive resource utilization, we have determined that your account is not a good fit for our Shared hosting environment. Please review your account and take all necessary actions to isolate this problem.

    exec spexecutesql N'SELECT cmsPropertyData.* FROM cmsPropertyData INNER JOIN cmsPropertyType ON cmsPropertyData.propertytypeid = INNER JOIN (SELECT cmsContent.nodeId, cmsContentVersion.VersionId FROM [cmsDocument] INNER JOIN [cmsContentVersion] ON [cmsDocument].[versionId] = [cmsContentVersion].[VersionId] INNER JOIN [cmsContent] ON [cmsContentVersion].[ContentId] = [cmsContent].[nodeId] INNER JOIN [umbracoNode] ON [cmsContent].[nodeId] = [umbracoNode].[id] LEFT OUTER JOIN [cmsDocument] [cmsDocument2] ON ([cmsDocument2].[nodeId]=[cmsDocument].[nodeId] AND [cmsDocument2].[published]=1) INNER JOIN ( SELECT nodeId FROM (SELECT ROWNUMBER() OVER (ORDER BY Path) petarn, cmsDocument.nodeId FROM [cmsDocument] INNER JOIN [cmsContentVersion] ON [cmsDocument].[versionId] = [cmsContentVersion].[VersionId] INNER JOIN [cmsContent] ON [cmsContentVersion].[ContentId] = [cmsContent].[nodeId] INNER JOIN [umbracoNode] ON [cmsContent].[nodeId] = [umbracoNode].[id] LEFT OUTER JOIN [cmsDocument] [cmsDocument2] ON ([cmsDocument2].[nodeId]=[cmsDocument].[nodeId] AND [cmsDocument2].[published]=1) WHERE ([umbracoNode].[nodeObjectType] = @0) AND (cmsDocument.newest = 1) ) petapaged WHERE petarn>@1 AND petarn<=@2 ) temp ON cmsDocument.nodeId = temp.nodeId WHERE (([umbracoNode].[nodeObjectType] = @3)) AND (cmsDocument.newest = 1) ) as docData ON cmsPropertyData.versionId = docData.VersionId AND cmsPropertyData.contentNodeId = docData.nodeId LEFT OUTER JOIN cmsDataTypePreValues ON cmsPropertyType.dataTypeId = cmsDataTypePreValues.datatypeNodeId',N'@0 nvarchar(40),@1 bigint,@2 bigint,@3 nvarchar(40)',@0=N'c66ba18e-eaf3-4cff-8a22-41b16d66a972',@1=0,@2=1000,@3=N'c66ba18e-eaf3-4cff-8a22-41b16d66a972'

  • Shannon Deminick 1469 posts 4924 karma points hq
    Aug 13, 2018 @ 05:27
    Shannon Deminick

    There's a substantial amount of changes fixes since your version:

    I'd recommend upgrading and see if it solves your problem.

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