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  • Thomsen 84 posts 280 karma points
    Nov 08, 2018 @ 23:40

    Umbraco over WordPress arguments

    Hi there,

    When talking to clients (B2Bs in Denmark) considering a CMS platform change, we often run in to the same questions: “Why Umbraco instead of WordPress” and “Every other company we know runs WordPress, so why are you suggesting this platform?” and “Danish developed?! – WordPress is worldwide”. And a lot of other questions in this genre.

    We already have a specific set of – not skills, like Liam Neeson – but pros for choosing Umbraco, but it would be nice to have some more pro-Umbraco arguments in the back – beyond the fact, that we think that it is the most delicious platform on earth 😊

    A selection of our pro-argument list so far:

    • Running on Microsoft .NET platform
    • More simple and intuitive for the editor
    • Scalable and easy to extend with custom functionality
    • Much more focus on security
    • Less vulnerability in relation to hacker attacks
    • Flawless execution of upgrades without worrying of a whole system meltdown
    • A platform chosen by Microsoft themselves, Heinz, Peugeot and Red Bull
    • Danish developed and maintained and contributed to by a worldwide online community
    • Like WordPress: Open source and free

    So please – feel free to contribute and put some more good arguments on the list. As we all know, once the customers get started and working with Umbraco they are totally amazed about everything from usability to future possibilities – but the “convincing phase” is often the most difficult part.

    Best regards.

  • MickTemp 21 posts 102 karma points
    Nov 09, 2018 @ 01:28

    I know you didn't ask for this, and not to make your life harder :), but to play devil's advocate with the goal of making your pros stronger:

    Running on Microsoft .NET platform

    What in particular makes this a pro?

    Much more focus on security

    Is this true? Wordpress has a cool little whitepaper here. I think there was an Umbraco one floating around but not sure if I've seen it recently / is it up to date?

    This is focusing entirely on the WordPress Core btw, I know plugins are a different beast. That being said, the WordPress team have a process for pulling vulnerable plugins from their plugin listing or even patching a vulnerable plugin themselves. Do we have a comparable process for our extension repository?

    Flawless execution of upgrades without worrying of a whole system meltdown

    Can you expand on this pro point?

  • Vijay Bhatter 5 posts 85 karma points
    1 week ago
    Vijay Bhatter

    Would be great if someone can give pointers on why to choose Umbraco over Wordpress apart from it being on .NET platform.


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