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  • james matson 7 posts 77 karma points notactivated
    Feb 28, 2019 @ 03:36
    james matson

    Beginner tutorials for adding .NET code to Umbraco

    I am a reasonably skilled .NET developer, but a total beginner to Umbraco and also MVC (I've done WebForms in the past). I have run Umbraco locally on my desktop via IIS Express, and have done some tutorials around content creation, using Razor to show values, organising pages and content etc.. so I kind of understand the 'display/UI' aspect of Umbraco, but I'm struggling to understand how I then extend that UI with actual functionality via .NET, e.g. wiring up a button in a content page to some kind of .NET call to a Web API or similar. The UmbracoCMS nuget package doesn't seem to have any C# code to look at, it's all HTML/JS/CSS/DLLS... does anyone have links to a basic/beginner tutorial, e.g.

    I've built a page with a button. I now want to run some ASP.NET code based on the click of that button?

    I was expecting to see controllers or something in the solution code, but no luck. Sorry if I'm totally misunderstanding Umbraco here - I'm totally a beginner, but looking to assess Umbraco as a serious CMS for a retail project at my work.

  • louisjrdev 107 posts 344 karma points c-trib
    Feb 28, 2019 @ 07:27

    I would 100% suggest taking a look at the Umbraco TV videos, they are a great set of explanations to get you up and running, Umbraco is very versatile and can do the things you describe and more. Alternatively you could try the documentation, Paul Seal also has some good tutorials on YouTube

    For creating custom controllers you will have to create the controllers folder yourself, see the docs on controllers here:

    Please bear in mind that if you are trying Umbraco v8, not all these docs have been updated for this version (as it only came out 2 days ago), but there is extensive documentation for v7.x.x

    Also if you have any questions the umbraco community is a very helpful one, and people on here will be more than willing to assist you with any issues you are experiencing

    And I am biased but Umbraco is a brilliant CMS, it has a slight learning curve, but past that it is very extensible and powerful, so id stick with it through any problems you may have, its well worth the time investment

    Hope this helps

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