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  • Brayrinin 1 post 71 karma points
    Jul 09, 2019 @ 11:12

    Umbraco CMS for new website

    I am planning to use Umbraco CMS for my new website. But the problem with me is I am quite used to PHP, HTML and CSS instead of .NET framework. If I use Umbraco CMS, is it possible that my webpages be coded in HTML, CSS and PHP or is that all pages need to be coded in .aspx? Thanks

  • Elliott Brown 30 posts 159 karma points
    Jul 10, 2019 @ 13:14
    Elliott Brown

    Umbraco is based on .Net, or specifically C# and MVC. There is no PHP within the code base. The principles are similar but the learning curve is innitially quite steep - I did exactly what you're looking to do, though within the frame work of my employment.

  • Gogo Dev 7 posts 87 karma points
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 15:16
    Gogo Dev

    I feel you. But you should really try to work with c# it ain't that difficult, just go over some tutorials and u can already enjoy umbraco at it's best.

  • cheryl carpenter 13 posts 91 karma points
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 18:52
    cheryl carpenter

    I am on year 3 of Umbraco coming from php/WordPress. My company will not pay for training and i will not pay for the videos.

    I still miss Wordpress.

    For me, it was learning Visual Studio., C#, MVC , Razor template tags, .NET, etc all at once. Sometimes i didnt know what language i needed.

    The debugging in C# is complicated. Sometimes things just don't install right. Or the package manager says it replaces something but it misses something. Sometimes, you just have to reboot whole computer. Everything feels really buggy to me.

    And don't get me started with deployments. I'm sure with the paid cloud services the effort is better but for the enterprise , with no production server access, it is hell. Every. Time.

    And don't get me started on the 'minor' revisions that have 'breaking' changes with no 'how-to' on the migration.

    Another concept hard for me was strongly typed models. The models builder helps us but it is buggy - search Modelsbuilder on this forum.

    I'm sharing because this is pitched as an open source product and Corporate thinks a front end dev can implement and customise, but it has not been easy.

    I'm sharing because maybe the C# programmers need to keep in mind the perspective that many Content Managed sites are run by people like me and we didn't all get our .NET certification.

    They may kick me off of here. That's another thing - took 2 years to get permission to post on a public forum.

    Good luck. Be sure and look up the tutorials out there on setting up a visual studio project with Umbraco, 9/10 times just using nuget doesnt work.

    Good luck.

  • Amir Khan 1072 posts 2216 karma points
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 20:25
    Amir Khan

    Just an FYI, you can build an entire enterprise Umbraco site without ever opening Visual Studio or using Nuget. We do 90% of our development with Sublime Text...

  • cheryl carpenter 13 posts 91 karma points
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 20:29
    cheryl carpenter

    Oh, is there a free tutorial or shared community document about that?

    What about custom controllers for our Enterprise API integration? What about TFS integration? Code highlighting of the models and fields? Models Builder API?

    Coming in knowing nothing and reading this entire site it never would have occurred to me. I use Visual Studio Code for my front end but no , i had no idea Sublime Text could compile C#. I'm a front end dev and i use what DevOps tells me to.

    What's the other 10%?? Because i spend 90% of my time hunting the internet for the 10% I don't know.

  • cheryl carpenter 13 posts 91 karma points
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 20:32
    cheryl carpenter

    For more perspective, I could launch 3 websites a week, with custom skins and plugins, on WordPress.

    Umbraco, even with the best starter kits out there, or purchased themes, each site we do is 4-6 weeks minimum.

  • Amir Khan 1072 posts 2216 karma points
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 20:33
    Amir Khan

    Depends on what you're trying to build I suppose...

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