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  • Ismail Mayat 4437 posts 9758 karma points MVP 2x admin c-trib
    Sep 30, 2019 @ 10:41
    Ismail Mayat

    Issue when adding custom claim to backoffice identity

    So I have a 8.1.1 site.

    We have a class called ConfigureBackOfficeOktaAuth within which we wire up OpenIdConnectAuthenticationNotifications and in AuthorizationCodeReceived we add some claims to the backoffice identity see :

                        var tokenClient = new TokenClient(Issuer + "/v1/token", clientId, clientSecret: clientSecret);
                    var tokenResponse = await tokenClient.RequestAuthorizationCodeAsync(n.Code, GetRedirectUri(n.Request.Uri));
                    var id = n.AuthenticationTicket.Identity;
                    id.AddClaim(new Claim("access_token", tokenResponse.AccessToken));
                    id.AddClaim(new Claim("refresh_token", tokenResponse.RefreshToken));
                    n.AuthenticationTicket = new AuthenticationTicket(id, n.AuthenticationTicket.Properties);

    All works and we would expect the claims to be available later. Stepping through the code we check and we definately have the claims set, however later on in a umbraco backoffice webapi controller we do not see the claims it looks they have been lost.

    We expect this line:


    The Identity to contain the 2 claims we added. However this is not the case.

    Anyone any ideas?

  • Shannon Deminick 1498 posts 5073 karma points hq
    Oct 03, 2019 @ 09:59
    Shannon Deminick

    Hi Ismail,

    I 'think' you can do this:

    • When setting up your oauth owin client, we expose 'auto link options' and if you create some auto link options you can assign a callback: OnExternalLogin which accepts both the BackOfficeIdentityUser (which is the object that will be used to create the ClaimsIdentity stored in the cookie) and the ExternalLoginInfo which contains the information about the external identity sent back by your OAuth client.
    • In this callback, you could then add claims to the BackOfficeIdentityUser.Claims collection based on the claims in your external identity

    In theory this should persist all of the Claims in this collection to the cookie which you could then resolve from the current request/thread principle/user object since that will be a ClaimsIdentity. Also, if you are auto-linking, then you might also need to do this logic in the OnAutoLinking callback for when a user is first created.

    There is actually a TODO in the BackOfficeController:

    // TODO: It might be worth keeping some of the claims associated with the ExternalLoginInfo, in which case we...

    Ideally we'd make this process easier but I haven't looked into all of this for some time.

    If this doesn't work, it is far more tricky and I'm unsure it would be possible without modifying the core or replacing a lot of things like the current BackOfficeUserManager, etc...

    Also note that I 'think' you will still need to do the code you posted above because that auth ticket you are modifying is the external auth ticket for the external auth cookie during the redirect.

    You also don't need to get the Identity from the OwinContext, the ClaimsIdentity is attached to all requests/threads as the Principle.Identity which is always a ClaimsIdentity. For example: HttpContext.Request.User or Thread.CurrentThread.User, in WebApi i think the User/Principle is attached to the webapi Request, and in owin it's attached to the OwinContext.Request.User ... you don't need to extract it from the actual auth ticket (i.e. cookie)

  • Tomás Jesús Soler Ramírez 4 posts 75 karma points
    Oct 03, 2019 @ 11:10
    Tomás Jesús Soler Ramírez

    Hi Shannon

    We are trying that, but on the OnExternalLogin, when we try to add a custom claim, it's complaining.

    autoLinkUser.Claims.Add(new Claim("access_token", "token_goes_here"));

    Because BackOfficeIdentityUser doesn't want a normal Claim, it wants an IdentityUserClaim and we don't seem to be able to generate a custom one.

    Any advice?

  • Tomás Jesús Soler Ramírez 4 posts 75 karma points
    Oct 07, 2019 @ 09:05
    Tomás Jesús Soler Ramírez


    So, we've tried this in the OnAutoLinking:

            var accessToken = loginInfo.ExternalIdentity.Claims.FirstOrDefault(x => x.Type == "access_token");
            var AccessTokenClaim = new IdentityUserClaim<int>
                UserId = autoLinkUser.Id,
                ClaimType = "access_token",
                ClaimValue = accessToken.Value
            autoLinkUser.Name = loginInfo.ExternalIdentity.Name;

    Which, with a breakpoint after, seems to be adding the claim correctly. The problem is on a webapi controller, we've tried all the suggested ways to get the identities, and none of those identities contain the claim we are expecting.

    We are thinking, as a workaround, to create a new table that contains access and refresh tokens, and a link to the user (either using the autolinkuser ID or the email and looking it up later).

    Any suggestions?

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