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Admin Sessions Manager

Update: Added dropdown to filter by user, and option to look at sessions further into the past (up to 365 days)


Umbraco dashboard usercontrol to display the contents of the umbraco user logins table, showing you who has an active session in umbraco (although they may not be connected), as well as all sessions from the past (defaults to 7 days previous).

It also allows you to set any active sessions to inactive by modifying the timeout column to be in the past, and deletes them from the website cache.

Adds a dashboard to the users section on install. Works fine (as far as I can tell) with both and 4.5.2 (and I assume any other version of umbraco 4/4.5). If the dashboard control doesn't get added at install - you would need to add a reference manually to the dashboards.config file:

<section alias="BinaryDashboardSection">
  <tab caption="Umbraco Sessions">

None of the code is compiled, so feel free to have a look. Let me know any problems.


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Josh Townson

Josh Townson

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Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
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  • Package owner: Josh Townson
  • Created: 29/11/2010
  • Current version 0.2
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