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Project Description

A lightweight serializer to convert an Umbraco Archetype datatype into a model and back.

Compatibility: Tested on Archetype 1.3.1-beta, and Archetype 1.4-beta with Umbraco Cms 7.1.4

Deserialization should work fine.

Serialization will generate archetypeJson of this type:

{"fieldsets":[{"properties":[{"alias":...,"value":...} ...],"alias":...,"disabled":false}...]}

Documentation is available under the documentation tab.

Many thanks to Kevin Giszewski & the Archetype team. The present project grew out of: https://github.com/imulus/Archetype/pull/166 (now defunct).

Requires: .NET 4.5

Note: If you have been using the PR-166 Serializer previously, please backup your database before upgrading. The PR-166 Serializer creates json differently, and once you switch to this package, if you ever need to roll-back, you will need to restore the old json. If you have never touched the PR-166 serialzer, then you shold be fine with version 1.3.1-beta of Archetype.


Version History


0.6.0-beta initial public release

0.6.1-beta compatibility now includes Archetype 1.4-beta


Package owner

Can Koluman

Can Koluman

Can has 98 karma points

Package Compatibility

This package is compatible with the following versions as reported by community members who have downloaded this package:
Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
8.2.x (untested)
8.1.x (untested)
8.0.x (untested)
7.15.x (untested)
7.14.x (untested)
7.13.x (untested)
7.12.x (untested)
7.11.x (untested)
7.10.x (untested)
7.9.x (untested)
7.8.x (untested)
7.7.x (untested)
7.6.x (untested)
7.5.x (untested)
7.4.x (untested)
7.3.x (untested)
7.2.x (untested)
7.1.x (untested)
7.0.x (untested)
6.1.x (untested)
6.0.x (untested)

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Package Information

  • Package owner: Can Koluman
  • Created: 17/07/2014
  • Current version 0.6.1
  • License MIT
  • Downloads: 2094

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