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Auto Sort

*** v 1.1 now in English, German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Dansk, Italiano and Spanish! ***

The Auto Sort package helps making your life easier when sorting content or media nodes. It adds another menu item to the context menu, right below the Sort button that comes with Umbraco. It opens up the Auto Sort dialog, which let's you choose how you want the child nodes to be sorted and then sorts the nodes once you give the green light.

Current features are:
- Works with content and media nodes
- Choose the field you want the child nodes to be sorted by. Currently supported are node name, id, creation date, note type alias and custom fields (you have to provide the alias of your custom property); additionally for content nodes there are update date, release date, expiry date and creator name to choose from. (default: node name)
- You can choose to sort either ascending or descending (default: ascending)
- You can choose to include grand children in the sort or not. Including grand children will sort ALL children and grand children by the field you have selected recursively. (default: exclude grand children)
- You can either include all unpublished nodes in the sort, or choose to exclude them. (default: include) In the latter case you will need to provide the location of the unpublished nodes, either at the top of the list or at the bottom (default: top)

Auto Sort works just like the Sort function that does come with Umbraco, yet instead of dragging and dropping the nodes in the popup window you can specify the search criteria, which will then be applied to the child nodes.

Auto Sort is currently available in English, German, Dutch, Swedish, French, Dansk, Italiano and Spanish. Please feel free to provide other translations in the Auto Sort general forum and I'll include them in the package. :)

You will have to refresh your browser after installing the package for the context menu to display the AutoSort option.

This package has been developed and tested against Umbraco version 4.6.1 and is build against .Net 3.5.

The project is currently marked as RC (release candidate) and not stable as we first like to get some feedback from the community. It is stable in our environment(s), however that doesn't necessarily mean it's working without a glitch on your system, especially with regards to the installation process.

Credits for the translations go to:
    * kows for the Dutch version
    * Patrik Wibron for the Swedish version
    * Mike for the French version
    * Morten Balle for the Dansk version
    * ricardo for Italiano and Spanish


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Version 8.18.x (untested)

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