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  • Huw Reddick 734 posts 2445 karma points
    Apr 10, 2021 @ 12:38
    Huw Reddick

    Macro parameter question

    Hi Stuart, me again :D

    Using latest nuget version

    I have a macro with a multiplemedia picker as a parameter, but when I try and do a synch (in either direction) it tells me the pickers are different but they appear to be identical.

    This is what the merge line says

    formLinks | EditorAlias | Umbraco.MediaPicker | mbraco.MultipleMediaPicker 

    The parameter is a MultipleMediaPicker in both local and remote, any ideas?

  • Marc Goodson 1770 posts 11778 karma points MVP 7x c-trib
    Apr 11, 2021 @ 08:32
    Marc Goodson

    Possibly related to this issue:

    Where the MediaPicker MacroParameter stores integer Ids and not Udis

    (just mentioning, I don't have a solution!)



  • Huw Reddick 734 posts 2445 karma points
    Apr 11, 2021 @ 08:53
    Huw Reddick

    Certainly sounds like it could be. It isn't a problem as I just ignore it, other than this tiny niggle everything working great.

    I have noticed one thing and that is that if they move stuff around, especially media you can end up with both a localnotremote and a remotenotlocal item for the media they have moved, and unless you do the remove local first followed by the merge remote it never synchs up.

    I also have a question about starting a converge, is there any startup/finished event that can be overridden perhaps as I would like to set an option to disable their media protection code prior to synching and then re-enable it when it has completed.

  • Stuart Mullinger 76 posts 393 karma points
    Apr 11, 2021 @ 11:52
    Stuart Mullinger

    Hi Huw,

    The quick answer is to switch off this Converge converter, under Settings: Pre-V7.7.0 Multi Media Picker update.

    It looks like macros are using "Umbraco.MultipleMediaPicker" as a property editor. For data types, after V7.6.0, one with the same name was removed and merged with the main Media Picker (with a "multi" switch). The converter mentioned deals with that conversion, as you're working only with Umbraco 8, it won't be a problem to switch it off.

    I need to update Converge to stop that conversion for macros.

    Thanks for letting me know about it, I do want to sort out these issues when they arise.


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