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  • Tarik Es 37 posts 169 karma points
    Apr 20, 2021 @ 12:10
    Tarik Es

    Few Errors with Latest Version

    Hi Stuart

    Again, I cannot stop admiring this package and what it does - regardless of the small additional manual things that need to be done, but that's ok.

    Since the latest version where you added the Block List view, I noticed few errors in certain circumstances.

    1, I discovered that this is mainly cause by "dependencies". For example, a Document Type will fail merging because a DataType has not been merged yet, so I do this in steps, I merge Data Types, then Document Types, then Content, in every step I ignore the rest.

    1. Another failure happens when a node has Multi-Node Picker, Content Picker or Member Picker. This happens for obvious reasons because the node cannot find the other node that should go in the picker.

    2. Lastly, if you change a node name, you get the option to remove the nodes with Old Names and merge the ones with new names, this also creates a conflict because I believe the id of the node is the same. What happens then, the nodes with the old name need to be removed first, then merge again.

    Pretty sure this will be challenging to accomplish, but I believe if you do something like ordering based on these cases, everything should be fine. Not sure if this used to work in an older version - I can't remember. But I think, it should be ordered this way:

    Merge dataTypes first, then Templates, then Document Types, the Content in few parts (If a picker exists, hold, merge the rest, then go back to the nodes with the pickers).

    Another update which is crucial is to merge nodes that have name changed, not remove, then merge.

    ----------------- UPDATE --------------

    When a node is deleted because it had its name changed, you have to empty the recycle bin and get rid off it entirely before you are able to merge the node again with the new name

    Thank you Tarik

  • Stuart Mullinger 79 posts 422 karma points
    Apr 20, 2021 @ 14:03
    Stuart Mullinger

    Thanks for the great feedback Tarik. Lots of stuff there, so it may take me a while to pick through. Here is the current ordering for the merge, so I suspect that there may be other issues which it's not quite catching.

    1. Templates
    2. Data Types
    3. Document Types
    4. Media Types
    5. Content
    6. Content Templates
    7. Media
    8. Dictionary Items
    9. Macros
    10. Media Files
    11. Update References
    12. Delete Content
    13. Delete Content Templates
    14. Delete Media
    15. Delete Document Types
    16. Delete Media Types
    17. Delete Data Types
    18. Delete Templates
    19. Delete Dictionary Items
    20. Delete Macros

    Step 11 should deal with updating the pickers, after everything has been created.

    For looking if a content node already exists it uses the name in the tree (and its parents' names). I'll take a look at using the Guid first, which would allow renaming and hopefully resolve many of these issues. Looks like I may need to perform the Deletes first as well.

    As I said, really appreciate the feedback.


  • Tarik Es 37 posts 169 karma points
    Apr 20, 2021 @ 14:08
    Tarik Es

    Thank you Stuart, by all means, happy to provide feedback.

    I just thought of an idea as well (maybe at a later version), when listing the nodes to merge or ignore, it will be great to have a parent node with an option to ignore with children and merge with children.

    If sometimes you have a lot of nodes in my case here, it takes time to go through all the children one by one.

    Just some food for thoughts :)


  • Stuart Mullinger 79 posts 422 karma points
    Apr 23, 2021 @ 09:34
    Stuart Mullinger

    Hi again Tarik,

    I've just released a new version, which I think will resolve some of the issues you have been experiencing. Main changes are:

    • Name change will cause an update, rather than a delete and then re-create (assuming the node was created using Converge in the first place).
    • Deletes will be permanent (not in the recycle bin)
    • Deletes will be done first

    Hopefully that helps you a bit.


  • Tarik Es 37 posts 169 karma points
    Apr 23, 2021 @ 10:37
    Tarik Es

    That's great Stuart!

    You're a champion. I will give it a go in the next few days and will keep giving feedback if any.

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