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CTA/OpenGraph/Url Property Editors

Three property editors


Open graph editor

adding open graph tags to pages, handy if you want to stay up with the play in social media sharing of content.


@foreach (var tag in Model.Content.AsList<OpenGraphTag>("openGraphTags")) {
  <meta property="@tag.Name" content="@tag.Content" />

Call to action editor

For adding multiple 'promo' or 'call to action' blocks to a page, consisting of a thumbnail, heading, description and url


@foreach (var cta in Model.Content.AsList<CallToAction>("ctas")) {
  <a href="@(cta.IsInternal ? Umbraco.Url(cta.InternalLink) : cta.ExternalUrl)"@(cta.NewWindow ? "target=\"_blank\"" : "") class="cta">
    @if (cta.Image != null) { <img src="@cta.Image.Src?width=300" alt="@cta.Image.Name" /> }

Url Picker - for all your single url picking needs

Sometimes you just need one url.


 var cta = Model.Content.As<UrlPicker>("cta");
<a href="@(cta.IsInternal ? Umbraco.Url(cta.InternalLink, UrlProviderMode.Relative) : cta.ExternalUrl)" class="btn">@cta.Title</a>



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  • Created: 06/03/2014
  • Current version v1.0
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