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Enhanced Preview for Umbraco

This library provides an alternative way of previewing content for shared contents in Umbraco CMS.


Please be aware that this package will replace your existing files with:

  • /umbraco/dialogs/Preview.aspx and
  • /umbraco/endPreview.aspx

A Bit More Description

Please refer to http://our.umbraco.org/projects/backoffice-extensions/enhanced-preview-for-umbraco/questions-and-answers/33558-A-bit-more-description#comment123249



This library has been tested in the Umbraco versions of:

  • 4.7.2


The preview icon is designed by http://www.ramotion.com

Release Notes

  • Updated the configuration to allow whether to use parent node for preview or not.
  • Updated the configuration to allow whether to use redirection URL after preview or not.

  • Initial Release


Package owner

Justin Yoo

Justin Yoo

Justin has 39 karma points

Package Compatibility

This package is compatible with the following versions as reported by community members who have downloaded this package:
Untested or doesn't work on Umbraco Cloud
Version 8.18.x (untested)

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Previously reported to work on versions:

Package Information

  • Package owner: Justin Yoo
  • Created: 31/07/2012
  • Current version
  • License MIT
  • Downloads on Our: 969