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Open Calais AutoTag

A Custom datatype for use in Umbraco CMS. This usercontrol generates a list of keywords/tags using various providers; currently OpenCalais - http://www.opencalais.com/ and TagTheNet - http://tagthe.net - making the task of categorising your new articles, blog posts or pages much quicker.

Runs on Umbraco v4.5+

Current functionality:

  • Generate list of possible tags/keywords
  • Ability to add your own tags
  • Add/Remove tags previously added
  • Pick which tag provider service you wish to use (via a config entry)
  • Implement your own tag service and have it seemless integrate into umbraco
  • Ability to exclude certain properties from the generation service or to specify which properties to use in the form of comma seperated configuration values.
v2.2.6 ChangeLog
  • Removed NewtonsoftDependency for v6.1.x
v2.2.5 ChangeLog
  • Removed dependency on log4net in package so that it can be installed in v4.11 & v6.0.x DOES NOT WORK ON v6.1.x

v2.2.4 ChangeLog:

  • Updated log4net version to fix errors in v4.10+

v2.2.3 ChangeLog:

  • Fixed bug where a blank tag was created if no tags were selected on a node: http://our.umbraco.org/projects/backoffice-extensions/open-calais-autotag/general/26807-Tags-being-inserted-multiple-times

v2.2.2 ChangeLog:

  • Fixed issue where if a uComponents Multinode Tree Picker was included on the page both datatypes would break: http://our.umbraco.org/projects/backoffice-extensions/open-calais-autotag/general/19784-Not-getting-any-suggestions

v2.2.1 ChangeLog:

  • Fixed bug - http://our.umbraco.org/projects/backoffice-extensions/open-calais-autotag/general/15773-Clear-Tags-not-working
  • Fixed error with TagTheNet service
  • Refactored some helper methods

v2.2 ChangeLog:

  • Added PropertyAliasesToUse config value
  • Added PropertyAliasesToExclude config value
  • Changes to AutoTagsPostInstall.ascx to save new config values
  • Changes to AutoTags.ascx to pull new config values in to autoTags javascript object for use in autoTags.js
  • Changes to autoTags.js so that only required form values are sent to the service engine (unless PropertyAliasesToUse and  PropertyAliasesToExclude are empty then all form values are sent)
  • Updated GrailTechnology.AutoTags.dll & GrailTechnology.AutoTags.Providers.dll

v2.1 ChangeLog:

  • Added Providers project which contains ITagProvider
  • Added Provider config value
  • Added TagTheNetService to Providers Project
  • Added provider dropdown selector in AutoTagsPostInstall.ascx
  • Moved OpenCalaisService to Providers Project
  • Renamed spinnerImage to SpinnerImage in AutoTags.ascx
  • Removed call to jquery.contextMenu.css from AutoTags.ascx.cs which caused 404 error
  • Deleted OpenCalais Project - if upgrading, delete GrailTechnology.AutoTags.OpenCalais.dll from website folders


To use your own tag provider, simply implement the GrailTechnology.AutoTags.Providers.ITagProvider interface, and set the Provider config value in ~/config/OpenCalaisAutotag/autotags.config to the format "Qualified.Type, AssemblyName", e.g:
<Provider>MySite.Data.Extensions.MyTagProvider, Mysite.Data</Provider>
To use new TagTheNet Service, set this value to:
<Provider>GrailTechnology.AutoTags.Provider.TagTheNetService, GrailTechnology.AutoTags.Providers</Provider>


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Version 8.18.x (untested)

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Package Information

  • Package owner: elspiko
  • Created: 21/08/2009
  • Current version 2.2.5
  • License GPLv3
  • Downloads on Our: 12.2K

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