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Repeatable Custom Content

A datatype which allows adding repeatable custom contents/child nodes.

Support for most of umbraco datatypes, configurable number of fields/properties, ability to edit items and validation.

This datatype is specially useful for creating 'Featured Panels' , 'Featured Clients' or any other repeatable custom contents or child nodes.

- Configurable number of properties, each property contains following options:    Name, Alias, Type, Mandatory, Validation, Description
- Maximum Repeatable Items (0 for no limit)
- Mandatory
- Validation
(Email, Url, Integer, Double)
- Supports most of umbraco datatypes including
Checkbox list, Dropdown list, Radiobutton List, Date, Date/Time, Content Picker, Media Picker, Media Picker with Preview, Textbox, Textbox multiple, Simple Editor, Repeatable Custom Content Richtext Editor, True/False, Tags, Color Picker

For example, you can create a repeatable custom content dadatype for 'Featured Clients':
Field Name        Field Type
Client Logo        (Media Picker)
Client Name         (Textbox)
Services provided    (Textbox multiple)
Client Since        (Date Picker)
Link to Client Page    (Content Picker)
Featured Client        (True/false)

Requirements: NET 3.5

        <data alias="alias1">value 1</data>
        <data alias="alias2">value 2</data>
        <data alias="alias1">value 3</data>
        <data alias="alias2">value 4</data>

Please visit http://umbraco.masoodafzal.com for xslt sample.

(N.B: Repeatable Custom Content v1 is no more supported, v1 download is available at http://umbraco.masoodafzal.com )


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Masood Afzal

Masood Afzal

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Version 8.18.x (untested)

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  • Package owner: Masood Afzal
  • Created: 10/09/2009
  • Current version 2.0
  • License GPLv3
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