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Space Editor

Space Editor is a datatype that exposes the ACE Code Editor ( ace.ajax.org ) for use in your document types. I made this to meet a requirement in a commercial implementation but wanted to release it to the community in the hope that others will find this useful.

Why Space Editor?

Mainly because the code editing side of the admin is somewaht lacking - either you use TinyMCE and click "html" which launches a window - or you use a simple text box. Both are restricitive and fiddly to work with. Space Editor aims to provide a better interface for code - an example might be where you have a page template which needs custom css and javascript - you could use the Space Editor for those proprties.


  • Supports HTML, CSS, Javascript, JSON, C#, Plain Text and XML*
  • Theme is selectable and persistent via a cookie
  • Raw mode - you can switch the editor on and off to see what will be passed back to Umbraco
*These seemed the most applicable and meet my needs but others are available on request see the Ajax.org Kitchen Sink ( http://ace.ajax.org/build/kitchen-sink.html ) for all the supported modes.
PS. Special thanks to Tim Geyssens and Ove Anderson for their datatype template which I used to make this datatype - saved alot of time and heartache



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  • Package owner: mouseball
  • Created: 20/05/2013
  • Current version 0.2
  • License MIT
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