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  • Barry Fogarty 493 posts 1129 karma points
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 17:33
    Barry Fogarty

    Not installing correctly on 4.8.1

    I have installed on 2 copies of v4.8.1 and no entry gets created in the umbracoApp table.  Everythign else seems to have been created fine.

    Where does it list how to add this manually?


  • Nigel Wilson 944 posts 2076 karma points
    Sep 14, 2012 @ 20:32
    Nigel Wilson

    Hi Barry - how goes it ?

    Sorry I hadn't provided documentation for a manual install... I can't do it right now but will put something together soon and upload.

    In the meantime below are the database entries that are required:

    umbracoApp table
    appAlias - tagMain
    appIcon - tag.gif
    appName - Tag Maintenance 

    umbracoAppTree table
    treeSilent - False
    treeInitialize - True
    treeSortOrder - 0
    appAlias - tagMain
    treeAlias - tagMaintenance
    treeTitle - Tag Maintenance
    treeIconClosed - legacy
    treeIconOpen - legacy
    treeHandlerAssembly - Yoyocms.Umbraco.TagManager
    treeHandlerType - loadTagMaint
    action - NULL

    umbracoUser2app table
    user - 0
    app - tagMaint 

    /umbraco/config/ui.xml file
    <nodeType alias="tagMaintenance">
    <create assembly="Yoyocms.Umbraco.TagManager" type="TagTasks" />
    <delete assembly="Yoyocms.Umbraco.TagManager" type="TagTasks" />

    Add the following within the <area alias="sections">

    <key alias="tagMaint">Tag Maintenance</key>


    Let me know how you get on.

    Cheers, Nigel

  • Barry Fogarty 493 posts 1129 karma points
    Sep 17, 2012 @ 23:39
    Barry Fogarty

    Hi Nigel,

    Thanks for the info, I got it working in the end when I realised the user I was logged in as was not the ID 0 admin account, thanks for the above info.  However, my issue is I do not have access to the SQL server of the live site.  Any chance you are going to update the package so it works on 4.8+ natively?  I know since 4.8 the way you create custom trees is different.

    Failing that, if the SQL tables method still works maybe you have a single SQL script for the entries you can share?


  • Nigel Wilson 944 posts 2076 karma points
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 21:16
    Nigel Wilson

    Hi Barry

    Sorry for the delay in responding - I am not receiving notifications on posts on my packages any more. Yours is the second in the past week so will look into my settings and see if something is awry.

    I have just spent some time on a clean install of 4.9 and in essence it installed fine.

    I have identified one bug where data is being inserted into the umbracoApp table - if the table is empty my sql fails, and this therefore ripples through the rest of the package. 

    So I think this is the root cause of the install issues.

    I will update my sql query to be more robust and this should sort the problem out.

    Stay tuned - I'll let you know when I've uploaded a new release.

    Again, sorry for the delay in responding.

    Cheers, Nigel


  • Nigel Wilson 944 posts 2076 karma points
    Sep 22, 2012 @ 22:20
    Nigel Wilson

    Hi Barry

    OK - have corrected the SQL insert statement and tested the package against a clean install of 4.9.

    After installing, logging out and back in to the admin area, the package loaded in the system tray and was working as expected.

    I have commenced work on a manual install process too and should get that sorted in the next few days. ;-)

    Let me know how you get on with the updated package.

    Cheers, Nigel

  • William Charlton 171 posts 218 karma points
    Feb 06, 2013 @ 13:10
    William Charlton

    Hi Woody,

    I have just tried to install the Tag Manager and it seemed to install OK but the icon is not showing in the system tray. I am using version 4.11.1. I got no errors on install. I suspect it is a permissions issue, what permissions are needed?

    Thanks William

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